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Bully: Scholarship Edition Cheats "Unlockable Room Decorations" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PC  |  Wii


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Unlockable Room Decorations

Unlock the following decorations for Jimmy's room at Bullworth by performing the corresponding tasks:
#1 Paper Boy Ribbon Beat the Level 4 Paper Route.
Aluminum Trophy Beat the "Racing The Vale" mission.
Artist's set Beat the Art 5 class.
BMX frame Beat the Shop 5 class.
Boxing Gloves Beat the "Dishonorable Fight" mission.
Bullworth Golden Shield Beat the "Total Mayhem" mission.
Burned school banner Beat "The Gym Is Burning" mission in Chapter 5.
Character Sheets Beat the "Character Sheets" mission.
Dodgeball Beat the Gym 5 class.
Egg Carton Beat "The Eggs" mission.
Football Jersey Beat Chapter 4.
Girlie Girl Poster Purchase at Carnival for 10 tickets.
Girls Panties Beat the "Panty Raid" mission.
Gnome Destroy all gnomes.
Greaser Jacket Beat Chapter 3.
Grim Reaper Beat the "Funhouse Fun" mission in Chapter 4.
Picture of Beatrice Beat the "That Bitch" mission in Chapter 1.
Picture of Lola Beat "The Tenements" mission in Chapter 3.
Picture of Lola kissing Gordo Beat the "Jealous Johnny" mission in Chapter 3.
Picture of Mandy Beat the "Discretion Assured" mission in Chapter 4.
Picture of Ms. Phillips Beat the Photography 5 class.
Picture of Pinky Beat the "Carnival Date" mission in Chapter 2.
Picture of Zoe Beat the "Smash It Up" mission in Chapter 5.
Pumpkin Destroy all pumpkins.
Rat in a Jar Beat the "Rats In The Library" mission in Chapter 5.
Rock Band Poster Buy at Carnival for 10 tickets.
Russel's shirt Beat Chapter 1.
Teddy Bear Beat the "Carnival Date" mission in Chapter 2.
Tombstone Destroy all tombstones.
Trophy (on windowsill) Beat the "Beach Rumble" mission.
V is for Victory Poster Beat "The Campaign" mission.
Various Chem Plant Signs Beat both parts of the "Busting In" mission in Chapter 5.
Venus Flytrap Head Beat the "Weed Killer" mission in Chapter 2.

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