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Call Of Duty 2 Cheats "Sniping location on Matmata, Tunisia" (Xbox 360)

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Sniping location on Matmata, Tunisia

Two players that can talk to each other are required for this trick. Find the dome with a ladder next to it and climb up to get onto the ledge. Have one player climb on the ladder as far up as they can without taking their gun out and walking off. Then, have the other player climb up the ladder. As the player climbing up the ladder hits the person at the top, have both players press Left Analog-stick Up and look at the dome with the other Analog-stick. If done correctly, you should keep going up until you fall onto the roof part or inside the dome. Note: To go up high enough to get inside the dome, this action needs to be timed perfectly. Once in the dome, you cannot be shot unless you step outside but can shoot out. Also, grenades cannot hit you.

2 years ago

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