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Call Of Duty 3 Cheats "Sniping hint" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  Wii


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Sniping hint

When sniping, get into a nook, cranny, or other some small place where you can either crouch or go prone. Make sure you have a good view on your targets. Tall grass is also a great idea, as well as areas where people will not realize you are there (for example, camping on the enemy's spawn point). When sniping on a very tricky target, or if you do not want to be seen, try to pull out your pistol and use your binoculars to spot your target. Your position is much less obvious if you use your binoculars. Although many people will debate this, do not take any more shots than you need to. If possible, take them out in one shot. Do not shoot unless you are sure that you will kill your target without their friends detecting your position.

2 years ago

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