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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats "Multiplayer rank bonuses" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC  |  NDS


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Multiplayer rank bonuses

Reach the following ranks in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding bonuses:
Private Level 1 All starting equipment
Private Level 2 Demolitions class weapon class
Private Level 3 Sniper class weapon class
Lance Corporal Level 4 Create a class
Lance Corporal Level 5 Gun challenges
Lance Corporal Level 6 New playlists
Corporal Level 7 M21 Sniper rifle
Corporal Level 8 Last stand perk class 3
Corporal Level 9 Boot camp challenges 1
Sergeant Level 10 M4 carbine assault rifle
Sergeant Level 11 UAV jammer perk class 2
Sergeant Level 12 Clan tag
Staff Sergeant Level 13 Mini uzi submachine gun
Staff Sergeant Level 14 Bomb squad perk class 1
Staff Sergeant Level 15 Boot camp challenges 2
Gunnery Sergeant Level 16 M1911 pistol
Gunnery Sergeant Level 17 Martyrdom perk class 2
Gunnery Sergeant Level 18 Boot camp challenges 3
Master Sergeant Level 19 M60E4 light machine gun
Master Sergeant Level 20 Sleight of hand perk class 2
Master Sergeant Level 21 Operations challenges
Master Gunnery Srgt Level 22 Dragunov sniper rifle
Master Gunnery Srgt Level 23 Claymore perk class 1
Master Gunnery Srgt Level 24 Operations challenges 2
2nd Lieutenant Level 25 G3 assault rifle
2nd Lieutenant Level 26 Iron lungs perk class 3
2nd Lieutenant Level 27 Operations challenges 3
1st Lieutenant Level 28 AK-74U submachine gun
1st Lieutenant Level 29 Double tab perk class 2
1st Lieutenant Level 30 Killer challenges
Captain Level 31 M1014 shotgun
Captain Level 32 Bandolier perk class 1
Captain Level 33 Killer challenges 2
Major Level 34 R700 sniper rifle
Major Level 35 Eavesdrop perk class 3
Major Level 36 Killer challenges 3
Lieutenant Colonel Level 37 G36C assault rifle
Lieutenant Colonel Level 38 Overkill perk class 2
Lieutenant Colonel Level 39 Killer challenges 4
Colonel Level 40 P90 submachine gun
Colonel Level 41 Frag x3 perk class 1
Colonel Level 42 Humiliation challenges
Brigadier General Level 43 Desert eagle pistol
Brigadier General Level 44 Dead silence perk class 3
Brigadier General Level 45 Humiliation challenges 2
Major General Level 46 M14 assault rifle
Major General Level 47 Humiliation challenges 3
Major General Level 48 Humiliation challenges 4
Lieutenant General Level 49 Barret sniper rifle
Lieutenant General Level 50 Humiliation challenges 5
Lieutenant General Level 51 Elite challenges
Commander Level 52 MP44 assault rifle
Commander Level 53 Elite challenges 2
Commander Level 54 Elite challenges 3
Commander Level 55 Commander prestige mode and golden desert eagle

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