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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cheats "Central Intelligence Agency Data System" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC  |  Wii  |  NDS


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Central Intelligence Agency Data System

At the title screen,use the Right Analog-stick to look down at your hand when you are locked up. Repeatedly press LT + RT to escape from the chair. Move around thelab and find a computer. Type in the following commands to activate thecorresponding cheats:
3ARC INTEL View all intel.
3ARC UNLOCK Unlock Dead Ops Arcade and Presidential Zombie mode.
ALICIA Alicia virtual therapist game.
CAT or PRINT Open corresponding file.
DECODE Decode a string using the CIA's cipher.
DIR List audio files and pictures for use with CAT command.
DIR or LS Display contents of the current directory.
DOA Zombie killing mini-game similar to Smash TV. Use the Left Analog-stick to move and the Right Analog-stick to shoot.
ENCODE Encode a string using the CIA's cipher.
FOOBAR Displays "Fee Fie Foe Foo!"
HELP List commands.
LOGIN Attempt a new session with a corresponding username and password
MAIL Open the mail folder for the current user.
WHO List of login names for use with the RLOGIN command (requires passwords).
ZORK or HELLO SAILOR Zork - The Great Underground Empire text adventure game.

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