Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Easy "Three star" rank in the pit on "S.S.D.D."

Follow this strategy for "The Pit" in Spec Ops or Campaign mode to get "three star" or "Veteran" recommendations. As soon as you begin, replace the M4A1 with the ACR Holographic. The holographic allows for precise accuracy, which takes off seconds of your actual time in the campaign. Switch the Desert Eagle pistol with the M9. If you run out of your automatic rifle ammo during the run, the M9 has more ammo to shoot before reloading. Start the mission. During the run, never stop moving, even while aiming down your sights. When shooting the cardboard enemy, only use one shot so you do not have to switch to your pistol. Moving at all times saves you a maximum of 5.7 seconds. When campaigning, accuracy saves. 3.2 seconds. Not switching to your pistol saves 0.7 seconds. This added together, without shooting civilians, can also result in completing "The Pit" in under 30 seconds.