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Call Of Duty: World At War Cheats "Multiplayer rewards" (Xbox 360)

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Multiplayer rewards

Reach the following levels to unlock the corresponding multiplayer rewards:
Reach level 2 Get trench gun(shotgun), walther.
Reach level 3 Get 1911 colt, springfield(sniper).
Reach level 4 Get arisaka, BAR.
Reach level 6 Get gewehr 47.
Reach level 10 Get molotov cocktail, MP40.
Reach level 11 Get clan tag.
Reach level 13 Get DP-28.
Reach level 17 Get M1 garand.
Reach level 21 Get mosin-nagant.
Reach level 25 Get type 100.
Reach level 29 Get double-barreled shotgun.
Reach level 33 Get MG42.
Reach level 37 Get STG-44.
Reach level 41 Get Kar98k.
Reach level 45 Get FG42.
Reach level 49 Get .357 magnum.
Reach level 53 Get PPSh-41.
Reach level 57 Get PTRS-41.
Reach level 61 Get browning M1919.
Reach level 65 Get M1A1 carbine.
Reach prestige level 1 Get custom class slot 6.
Reach prestige level 2 Get custom class slot 7.
Reach prestige level 4 Get custom class slot 8.
Reach prestige level 7 Get custom class slot 9.
Reach prestige level 10 Get custom class slot 10.

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