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Call Of Duty: World At War Cheats "Name animations" (Xbox 360)

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Name animations

Note: Two controllers are required. Turn on controller two and use controller one to create a new profile named "JD 2020" (case-sensitive). Start your Call Of Duty: World At War game and go to multiplayer mode. Then, press A on both controllers and select "Continue". Start the game but do not select teams. Instead, press Xbox Logo on controller two and sign out. Then do the same with controller one. Sign back into your Xbox Live profile and go to Xbox Live. Then go to the barracks and then to "Clan Tag". Finally, activate the following animations by entering the corresponding word as your clan tags:
A "Plus" symbol bounces through your Clan Tag Enter **** as a Clan Tag.
A "o" bounces through the periods in your Clan Tag Enter .... as a Clan Tag.
Colors will scroll left to right in your name Enter cycl as a Clan Tag.
Gold tag Enter gold as a Clan Tag.
Name bounces from left to right Enter move as a Clan Tag.
Rainbow scrolls through your name Enter rain as a Clan Tag.
Red stripe moves back and forth through your name Enter cyln as a Clan Tag.

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