Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4

Alucard air hover hint

Alucard can hover in the air for a second or two more by assuming mist-form. While mist may not last as long as you need for some attacks on hard difficulty, you can use mist to stay in the air longer than a few other characters (without relying on a particular skill or weapon) by using mist-form correctly.

Rating 3

Japanese voices

To unlock Japanese voices, hold RT and press A when selecting a character.

Rating 3

Hard difficulty

Successfully complete Chapter 4 under the Normal difficulty setting. Note: More items and weapons in the shop will also be unlocked.

Rating 2


Unlock the following gamerpics by performing the corresponding tasks:

Alucard Gamerpic Complete Chapter 6 under the Normal difficulty setting in a single-player offline game.
Soma Gamerpic Complete Chapter 6 in single-player mode as Soma.

Rating 2

Pillar of Bone boost

Don't destroy all the pillars of bone in a stage as you can step on top of them to use them as ledges and reach higher places. You need a minimum of two or three skulls to reach high areas and most characters can clear four skull-high towers.

Rating 2

Water of Life limit

Every player can only carry one Water of Life. Once you have a bottle in your possession, any other bottles you take will not count. Thus, allow another player to take the revive potion from the blue chest instead.

Rating 2

Hidden Konami Items

Collect the following items in the corresponding locations to gain points. Note: The items will not appear in you inventory.

Chapter 1 Bell In the room with the three bells, slide underneath the lowest one. Jump up into it and the bell will drop down to your left.
Chapter 2 Crown Hit the following keys on the piano (counting from the right) - 5 white, 5 black, 6 white, 5 white, 2 black, 5 white, 5 black, 6 black.
Chapter 3 Moai Wake the Boss and let him clear the room. Then, jump kick through the center of the vortex in the background and the Moai will appear there.
Chapter 4 Goemon Find the a small dark alcove jutting out of the wall at the right side of the level. Enter it and the Goemon will appear to your left.
Chapter 5 Vic Viper Enter the top right corner of the right building and tap Up. Vic Viper will fly across above the building from the right.
Chapter 6 Konami Man Jump up next to the blue roof before the final staircase and tap Up. Konami Man will fly in from the right and just above you. Chapter 7 Vick13 - Go to the top of the pyramid, then jump.

Rating 1

Make Jonathan or Charlotte Dance

To make Jonathan or Charlotte dance, hold UP for about seven seconds.

Rating 1

Temporary food stat bonus

Pre-set food items slightly increase your character's stats when consumed at full (or nearly full) health, but only last until your character gets another food item or you finish the current stage (i.e. the food's stats bonus is only temporary).

Rating 1

Control clock hand appearance on Level 5

In single-player mode, the appearance of the clock hands will change depending on the system time. In multi-player mode, their appearance is dependent on the system time of the hosting player. The clock hands will be either solid or ghostly. Between the hours of two to four, and eight to ten, the clock hands will appear solid and can be used as ledges to reach other areas. Between the hours of ten to two and four to eight, the clock hands will appear ghostly.

Rating 1

Skeleton penalty

When playing with others, any player that is killed and turned into skeletons are liabilities. If skeleton players die, multiple minutes are docked from EACH of their deaths.Also, if you are turned into a skeleton and no one revives you, don't hamper your team by dying. Instead, stay away from the boss and other sources of damage.

Rating 1

Heaven Sword Bladestorm hint

Unlike other weapons, Alucard's Heaven Sword can only do a magic strike (DOWN, TOWARDS, ATTACK) when a second Heaven Sword is equipped. The Heaven Sword is located inside the boss' gold chest in Chapter 3, Normal.

Rating 0

High jump

You can use your partner to reach high platforms. Simply perform a jump kick off of a partner's head while they are remaining still. You will get extra height from the bounce. Note: Charlotte cannot jump kick.

Rating 0


Bone Cold Justice (10 points) Defeat an enemy by hitting back a Skeleton's bone.
Boned (20 points) Defeat a boss with 5 players in skeleton form.
Grasshopper (20 points) Jump kick 30 times in a row without touching the ground.
Grim Synergy (10 points) Defeat a boss using a Dual Crush.
Hunter Legend (30 points) Complete Hard Mode.
Lifeguard (10 points) Bring a comrade back from the dead.
Pack Rat (20 points) Collect 300 different types of items.
Poetic Justice (15 points) Defeat an ally who has been seduced by the enemy.
Slaughtervania (20 points) Rack up 10,000 enemy kills.
Slick Kick (10 points) Defeat a boss using sliding.
Vampire Hunter (15 points) Destroy the lord of Castlevania.
Wicked Deep Pockets (20 points) Amass 1,000,000 gold.