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Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Cheats ""Bloodlines" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PSP


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"Bloodlines" achievement hint

  • In the first area, hit the first lamp and get the cross. Continue hitting other lamps to get hearts. Get your heart level up to about 90 or 100, then start the fight with Dracula. He will first fire a stack of three fireballs directly at you. Before he fires, jump and throw a cross toward him, then duck and hit the fireballs. They will disappear and you will not be injured. Dracula will do this attack two more times. He will then fire two large black fireballs at you. They cannot be hit with the whip and must be evaded. First duck, then jump up to avoid them both. Keep at it until he transforms. You should still have plenty of hearts remaining. Get close to him and press Y to activate the super attack. You must be somewhat close so that the crosses actually hit him. Continue to do this until he dies.

  • In the first area, hit the first lamp and get the cross. Then, hit the brick wall directly above the cross-lamp to open a secret upper level. Upstairs, there is a lamp to the right that has a large heart. Take the large heart and go downstairs again, and repeat. Get your heart level up to about 60, then start the battle sequence with Dracula. After the dialog between Richter and Dracula, break the candles at the far left of the room. This will drop a Holy Water. Take the Holy Water and press Up + Y. This will activate Richter's "Hydro Storm" attack, which will make Richter invincible during execution. Also, it is extremely powerful and will kill Dracula's first form in one execution. It will kill Dracula's second form in two executions.

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