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Centipede/Millipede Xbox 360 Cheats

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Barren (20 points) Destroy all mushrooms on the screen in Centipede.
Entity (20 points) Have 3 lives in Millipede.
Eradicate (20 points) Reach wave 8 without a millipede reaching the bottom in Millipede.
Exterminate (20 points) Reach wave 8 without a centipede reaching the bottom in Centipede.
Lunatic (20 points) Score 25,000 points in Millipede on Throttle Monkey mode.
Maniac (20 points) Score over 15,000 in Centipede on Throttle Monkey mode.
Marauder (10 points) Score 125,000 points in Millipede.
Poison (20 points) Destroy a spider for 1800 points in Millipede.
Prowler (10 points) Score over 41,916 to get on the high score table in Millipede.
Slayer (10 points) Score over 16,543 to beat the high score table in Centipede.
Spirit (20 points) Have 3 lives in Centipede.
Stalker (10 points) Score over 50,000 points in Centipede.

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