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Championship Manager 2007 Xbox 360 Cheats

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10 seasons completed (20 points) Complete 10 seasons as a manager.
15 Seasons completed (30 points) Complete 15 seasons as a manager.
20 Seasons completed (60 points) Complete 20 seasons as a manager.
3 Seasons completed (15 points) Complete 3 seasons as a manager.
5 seasons completed (15 points) Complete 5 seasons as a manager.
A domestic double (40 points) Win two domestic trophies in a season.
Battle Mode Loser (0 points) Lose 10 battle mode matches in a row.
Battle Mode champion (25 points) Win 10 games in a row.
Battle Mode legend (60 points) Win 50 battle mode games.
Battle Mode winner (10 points) Win a battle mode match.
Big Scorer (75 points) Earn one million manager points.
Big earner (50 points) Earn wages and bonuses in excess of one million during your managerial career.
Big spender (15 points) Spend 100 million on transfer fees.
Clean sheet (10 points) Keep 5 consecutive clean sheets.
Comeback king (5 points) Win a match after being down by two goals.
Committed manager (25 points) Be employed at your current club for 10 years.
Completed a challenge (30 points) Complete your first challenge game.
Completed a set of challenges (50 points) Beat a challenge with all teams.
Contract negotiation (5 points) Negotiate your first managerial contract extension.
Domestic Treble (50 points) Win three domestic trophies in a season.
Extended winning streak (40 points) Get a 20 game winning streak.
Giant killer (20 points) Pull off a cup shock.
Hall of Fame entry (50 points) Enter the Hall of Fame.
Hat trick hero (5 points) Score a hat trick.
League champions (20 points) Win the league.
Least league goals conceded (30 points) Give up the least amount of goals in a season.
Losing Streak (0 points) Lose 10 consecutive games.
Manager of the month (10 points) Win the manager of the month award.
Manager of the season (20 points) Win the manager of the season award.
Money maker (25 points) Make 100 million through transfer fees.
One of each challenge (60 points) Beat a scenario from each challenge set.
Player of the month (5 points) Have a player voted player of the month.
Player of the season (10 points) Have a player voted player of the season.
Player scores on debut (5 points) Have a new player score his first game.
Set-piece master (10 points) Create 5 custom set-pieces and use them in a match to score a goal.
Six Months Out Of Work (0 points) You have spent the last 6 months out of work.
Top Buyer (15 points) Buy 100 players through the transfer system.
Top Seller (20 points) Sell 100 players through the transfer system.
Top negotiator (10 points) Sign a player for half of his current value.
Win a match (5 points) Win a competitive match.
Winning streak (25 points) Get a 10 game winning streak.
Won a continental cup (25 points) Win a continental cup.

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