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Chromehounds Cheats "Neromius War mission secret weapons" (Xbox 360)


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Neromius War mission secret weapons

Each nation has a secret superweapon that requires the following conditions to be met. The nation must control less than ten battlefields and have lost the battlefield, including the area where the weapon appears. They then must retake it and control the UW's battlefield when the area is retaken. The secret mission will be available for approximately an hour once those conditions have occurred. Complete the mission to unlock an achievement and 3,000 Valor experience points for all RTs. The superweapons and locations are as follows:
MorskojMSK-X0 East Salma Woods, Xivera
Sal Kar Ghalib South Cemo Oil Fields, Gazi
Tarakia M-99 Patriot Wakool, Balares

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