Chromehounds Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 5

Neromius War mission secret weapons

Each nation has a secret superweapon that requires the following conditions to be met. The nation must control less than ten battlefields and have lost the battlefield, including the area where the weapon appears. They then must retake it and control the UW's battlefield when the area is retaken. The secret mission will be available for approximately an hour once those conditions have occurred. Complete the mission to unlock an achievement and 3,000 Valor experience points for all RTs. The superweapons and locations are as follows:

MorskojMSK-X0 East Salma Woods, Xivera
Sal Kar Ghalib South Cemo Oil Fields, Gazi
Tarakia M-99 Patriot Wakool, Balares

Rating 2


All Tact. Complete (20 points) Beat all missions in Story mode.
Biped Specialist (20 points) Deploy the Bipedal Chassis 50 times.
Bloodless Award (20 points) Win five times without attacking the enemy.
Bronze Flag (20 points) Secure a COMBASs total of 100 times.
Bronze Hammer (20 points) Destroy the enemy HQ and win 50 times.
Bronze Patriot (20 points) Stay with the same nation for 3 seasons.
Bronze Wing (20 points) Destroy 50 or more enemy HOUNDs.
Capital Occupation (20 points) Affiliated nation destroys another.
Combat Award (20 points) Win ten times when outnumbered.
Command Complete (20 points) Beat the Commander Arc in Story mode.
Command Valor (20 points) Max your Commander experience level.
Crushing Award (20 points) Wipe out the enemy and live 100 times.
Defense Complete (20 points) Beat the Defender Arc in Story mode.
Defense Valor (20 points) Max your Defender experience level.
Dist. Service (20 points) Destroy unidentified enemy weapon.
Gold Cross (20 points) First in seasonal fame at end.
Gold Eagle (20 points) First in total fame for a given period.
Gold Hexagon (20 points) First in average seasonal fame at end.
Gold Lion (20 points) first in seasonal conquest points at end.
Gold Sword Cross (20 points) First in total conquest points for period.
Gold Wing (20 points) First in average total fame for a given period.
Gunner Complete (20 points) Beat the H. Gunner Arc in Story mode.
Gunner Valor (20 points) Max your H. Gunner experience level.
HOUND Specialist (20 Points) Own one of each part.
Hover Specialist (20 points) Deploy the Hover Chassis 50 times.
Humane Award (20 points) End five times in a row without killing the enemy.
Inverse Specialist (20 points) Deploy on Inverse Chassis 50 times.
Marching Service (20 points) Travel a total of 1000000.
Military Service (20 points) Deploy total of at least 300 times.
Multi Spec. (20 points) Deploy on Multi Chassis 50 times.
Nation Resurrector (20 points) Revive an affiliated nation.
Neroimus War Medal (40 points) Affiliated nation wins Neroimus War.
Red Flag (20 points) Win a total of 100 times or more.
Scout Complete (20 points) Beat the Scout Arc in Story mode.
Scout Valor (20 points) Max your Scout experience level.
Silver Flag (20 points) Secure COMBASs a total of 300 times.
Silver Hammer (20 points) Destroy the enemy HQ and win 100 times.
Silver Patriot (20 points) Donate to affiliate nation once.
Silver Wing (20 points) Destroy a total of 100 enemy HOUNDs.
Sniper Complete (20 points) Beat the Sniper Arc in Story mode.
Sniper Valor (20 points) Max your Sniper experience level.
Soldier Complete (20 points) Beat the Soldier Arc in Story mode.
Soldier Valor (20 points) Max your Soldier experience level.
Storming Award (20 points) Attack the opponent first 30 times.
Survival Award (20 points) Return alive 10 or more times in a row.
Tact. Instructor (20 points) Earn top marks in all Story mode missions.
Touring Service (20 points) Deploy to every battlefield once.
Tread Spec. (20 points) Deploy on Treaded Chassis 50 times.
Wheel Specialist (20 points) Deploy the Wheeled Chassis 50 times.

Rating 1

Infinite fuel hint

To get infinite fuel for your Hound, choose a chassis with low energy usage. Choose a cockpit with low energy usage and high internal power. Do not add a fuel tank or generator and do not exceed your Hound's energy usage.

Rating 1

Leg Up training hint

You can quit story mode anytime and participate in each story's tutorial to get a feel for each Role Type (or RT). If you do well, you also unlock the basic parts (bodies, legs, generators, and support) for those RTs as well, so can start designing your own Hound.

Rating 0

Rank unlockables

Getting an A rank on any offline story mission will unlock a part. Get an S Rank in any offline story mission for either more parts or the S rank award. Note that a Hound that mixes RTs (soldier-sniper-defender) is better suited for early missions while a commander-heavy gunner is better for other missions.