Comix Zone Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 5

Hidden panels

  • In "Welcome To The Temple - Part 1", at the area with three rocks stacked upon eachother, follow the left route and go down. Destroy the crawler and hit the wall to uncover the hidden panel.
  • In "Curse Of The Dead Ships - Part 1", proceed after going past the panel with mines. Release Roadkill at the bottom of the cave and he will find a secret passage.

Rating 2

Hidden moves

Perform the following moves by pressing the corresponding button sequences:

Shoulder Ram Press [Away], [Towards] + [Action].
Thrusting Kick Press [Down], [Up] + [Action].

Rating 1

Level 3 Boss strategy

Lure him down to the area with the rocket, then press the lever on the right-hand side to take him out. Repeat this three times.

Rating 1

Sketch fart

To make a sketch fart, defeat all enemies in a room and then repeatedly tap DOWN.

Rating 1


After performing the following moves, do the corresponding move to perform a combo:

  • After 3 punching moves, perform a Scissor kick
  • After 3 high roundhouses, perform a Distance air kick
  • After 3 knee kicks, perform a Hand plant kick

Rating 0


3rd Grade (15 points) Use a paper airplane.
Accelerate Your Hero (25 points) Beat Episode 3.
Beat The Game (25 points) Rescue Alissa and beat the game.
Boo-Ya! (10 points) Use dynamite.
Buddha Says (15 points) Beat Episode 2.
Choice is Good (25 points) Receive both endings.
Orange Bull (10 points) Use the Iced Tea to restore your health.
Points I (10 points) Score 10,000 points.
Points II (15 points) Score 30,000 points.
Points III (25 points) Score 50,000 points.
Rats! (10 points) Rescue and pick up Roadkill.
Unknown Territory (15 points) Finish the first page.

Rating 0

Sketch dance

To make a sketch dance hold LEFT + RIGHT.

Rating 0

Multiple enemies

When facing two enemies on the screen, move away from one of them if they throw fire balls. If there is a bar on top, jump up and grab it, then press UP. They will kill each other, and each takes 15 hits before they are killed.

Rating 0

Killing enemies tip

When there is an enemy and some kind of a destroying object, get on the opposite side of the enemy and roll towards the object. They cannot harm you while you are rolling.