Contra Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2


Armory (10 points) Collect all different weapon power-ups.
Bulletproof (25 points) Beat the game in Arcade mode using only 1 credit.
Full Assault (30 points) Beat the game in under twelve minutes.
Infiltration (15 points) Destroy the alien tower at the end of the water level.
Partnership (20 points) Beat the game in Xbox Live Co-op mode.
Proficient (20 points) Beat the second tunnel with a score of 100,000 or more in Arcade mode.
Team Work (10 points) Score 100,000 points in an Xbox Live Co-op game.
Tough Guy (20 points) Get to the second tunnel without obtaining a single weapon upgrade.
Tunnel runner 1 (10 points) Beat the first timed tunnel with 33 seconds or more left.
Tunnel runner 2 (15 points) Beat the second timed tunnel with 55 seconds or more left.
Untouchable (10 points) Get to the first tunnel without losing a life.
Well Equipped (15 points) Collect three different weapons in the second tunnel.

Rating 1

"Tunnel Runner" achievement hint

Reach the final station before the end and wait for time to expire. You will die and the clock will reset, letting you easily make the time requirement.

Rating 0

30 lives

To get 30 lives, at the title screen press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A.