Crackdown Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 6

Driving up walls hint

The Agency SUV can drive up walls if you hold B. Note: Its wheels must be vertical against the wall.

Rating 4

"Global Impact" achievement hints

  • To find the observatory globe for the Global Impact achievement, head to the Volk area. Look at your map and at the top of the Volk area you will see two bridges. Stand between these bridges, but do not cross them. When you get to the bridges, look at your map again to notice a large mound of rocks behind you. Jump over them and you will be at the City Memorial Observatory. In the middle of the car park is a globe with metal bars around it. Get rid of the bars and pick up the globe, then unlock your achievement by going up to a gang member and throwing it at him. Note: Make sure the globe does not go in water as it sinks and you will have to get it again.

  • Just north of the Volk Boss "Gryzunova" is a building with a large world globe. Use this globe to kill fifteen gang members and earn the achievement.

Rating 4

Ramp truck super jump glitch

This glitch requires the Keys To The City expansion. Enable the "Empty Streets" code, then get onto a  long straightaway. Face your character (and look) directly down the road in one direction. Spawn a ramp truck. Then, face toward the other direction and spawn another ramp truck. Get into one of the ramp trucks and reverse into the other one (so that your ramp hits its ramp). Both trucks will instantly rocket into the air.

Rating 4

Truck cab super jump glitch

This only work in Keys To The City, which is available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. During game play, press Back and set all of your skills to four stars. When you get in the truck cab, it will morph to the largest possible. Enable "God mode" so you can't die while attempting the jump. Also choose "Empty streets" so you do not hit cars in the process. Go onto a straight and long freeway and hold B to speed it up, then press Back. Select "Spawn ramp truck". When you are going about 190 mph, hit it, then change the camera angle to the side of the truck. Then, press Y to spawn the ramp truck and begin the glitch. You will fly for a very long time.

Rating 3

Keys To The City

To get the Keys To The City for free, play on Xbox Live with someone that has it. When the other player quits, immediately go the main menu and select "Keys To The City".

Rating 3

"Driving High" achievement hints

  • Pick up any car and get it on top of a set of rocks or high building. You can do this by jumping with it or throwing it from higher ledges. When the desired height is reached, just get into the car and the achievement is yours.

  • Go to the Central Point building in Shai-Gen where Cowell is located, then jump into any car and find your way up the staircase to the front door of the building. Kill all Shai-gen in the bottom floor of the building if you have yet to take out Cowell, then drive across the room to the elevator. Jump out and open the lift's doors. Drive into the elevator and turn on the lift. Jump into your car. About halfway up the lift you will gain the achievement. This will work for any vehicle and you don't have to defeat Cowell.

  • -Make your way to the supply point on the map called "Garcia Point"; the second north-most supply point in the Los Muertos section of Pacific City. Exit that supply point (or make your way there if you have not already secured that supply point) and jump up onto the plateau just above the shack. Once there, you should see a jeep. Get into the jeep and drive forward about a car length and drive your front wheels up on a rock.

Rating 3

Guerra strategy

Once in the rear, you will find Guerra in one of two places:  on the bottom floor underneath the balcony or beneath the canopy on the balcony. Keep an eye on your mini-map and look for the Boss's mugshot on your HUD to determine his location. If he is under the canopy, throw a couple grenades to get rid of his minions, then charge up and melee Guerra to death. If Guerra is on the bottom floor, be sure to take down as many of his thugs as you can before approaching. As such, descend the floors slowly while killing all of Jose's lackeys along the way. Use the staircases for cover or run up to a higher floor if you need to recuperate. Once on the bottom floor, you will find Guerra near a stack of boxes. Since he will likely be surrounded by other gang members, throw a grenade or two to clear most of them out, then finish your main target off.

Rating 3

First place in Street Racing

At the start of the race, get out of your car and go to the nearest corner that has cement blocks. Grab the cement blocks and create a barrier in the middle of the road (stack them if possible). This makes it almost impossible for the other racers to go past that point. Shortly afterwards they will all crash and pile up. Once all of them are piled up, shoot the gas tank of one of the cars to start a chain reaction that will kill all other racers. You are now the only one remaining in the race.

Rating 2

Double jump hint

To perform a double jump, pick up object up over your head and hold A to jump. Then, while in mid-air, throw the object. While throwing the object, hold A to jump again.

Rating 2

Alvarez strategy

Alvarez is found on the beach behind his sporting complex, inside a rocky alcove. While you try to get there via the main entrance, the many guards will make it difficult. A safer method is to enter the ocean from a nearby beach and swim around to the back of the sporting complex. When you reach the shoreline, run up the beach, take out the enemies ahead, and jump on the rocky structure where Alvarez waits on the other side. From this vantage point, Alvarez will have nowhere to hide. Toss grenades to not only damage him but also clear out his henchmen. When it is safe, drop down and finish Alvarez off with melee attacks.

Rating 2

Precision target civilians hint

Usually you cannot precision target civilians. However, if you kill enough of them in a short amount of time without using precision targeting (using rockets or heavy machine guns in well populated areas recommended), you can auto-target them. They will become blips on your radar. However, the Agency Peacekeepers will be furious with you by then.

Rating 2

View ranks hint

In the Volk, go to "The LCOVE" across from "THE Y" and look for a billboard with a Dodge Nitro on it. Watch it to see the #1 ranks on each map.

Rating 2

"Double Frontflip"achievement hint

  • After exiting door 1 in the Agency, continue on the street until you reach an intersection. There is a ramp truck on your left, down the street. Take the truck to the intersection you were just at and proceed going down the street, past that intersection. You should see a ramp going to the highway. Place the truck at the top of the turn, then go down the street with the Agency SUV and launch off the ramp. You can easily get a double frontflip. This also helps with getting driving experience.

  • First, defeat Cowell in the Central Point building on Shai-Gen. Note: Make sure you have leveled up your driving skills to do flips in your SUV. Drive in the building, get on the elevator to whatever floor it is, and drive up the ramps until you get to the opening where you see Wang's building across from you. You do not have to drive very fast but must have just enough speed to clear the railing, while getting the most out of B. It is possible to do three flips this way.

Rating 2

Martinez strategy

Martinez is stationed near a radio tower on the rooftop of a blue building, near the Hillside Housing supply point. Climb to the roof via a ground floor entrance on the east side of the building. There are a couple gang members defending it, but it is nothing a few grenades cannot handle. Afterward, climb the staircase and turn left at the top. There are a few enemies on the next level. Stand near the top of the staircase so you can retreat back down for cover if needed. The staircase on the right leads to Martinez. If you are lucky, he may walk down himself, thus saving you the trouble. If Martinez does not pay you a visit, just climb that staircase to the top and take him down with whatever means necessary.

Rating 2


Agency Athlete (20 points) Run and jump to achieve a 4-star Agility rating.
Agency Brawler (20 points) Punch, jab, kick, and throw to achieve a 4-star Strength rating.
Agency Explosives Expert (20 points) Bomb to achieve 4-star Explosives rating.
Agency Marksman (20 points) Hit your target every time to achieve a 4-star Firearms rating.
Agency Wheelman (20 points) Accelerate and slide to achieve a 4-star Driving rating.
Airtime Assassin (10 points) Shoot and kill 5 gang members in a single jump (while airborne).
Bare-Knuckle Brawler (15 points) Kill 150 gang members with your bare hands.
Base Jumper (10 points) Jump from the top of the Agency Tower and land in the water below.
Body Armor (Requires the free DLC) (10 points) Use the Harpoon gun to attach five corpses to a single vehicle.
Body Juggler (20 points) Use explosives to keep a body up in the air for 10 seconds.
Car Juggler (20 points) Use explosives to keep a car up in the air for seven seconds.
Chain Banger (10 points) Blow up 100 explosive objects in 60 seconds.
Confiscator (Requires the free DLC) (40 points) Impound all flagged vehicles and store them in the Agency Garage.
Double Trouble (10 points) Double your fun - complete your first mission in Co-op mode.
Driving High (10 points) Achieve a height of 115 feet or more in a vehicle.
Firing Squad (15 points) Kill 500 gang members using firearms.
First Blood (10 points) Eliminate the first of 21 gang bosses.
Flippin' Crazy (Requires the Premium DLC) (20 points) Complete three flips of any type in a single jump in any vehicle.
Free Runner (50 points) Collect 500 Agility Orbs.
Front Flipper (20 points) Execute two forward flips in a single jump in a moving vehicle.
Global Impact (15 points) Kill 15 gang members using the Observatory Globe.
Hazardous Hangtime (10 points) Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle.
High Flyer (10 points) Get to the top of the Agency Tower.
It's Good To Be Connected (30 points) Unlock all Supply Points.
Los Muertos Cleanser (20 points) Murder Los Muertos - Kill all Los Muertos gang members.
Los Muertos Intel Master (10 points) Locate all Los Muertos dossier targets.
Mad Bomber (15 points) Kill 500 gang members using explosives.
Master Agent (40 points) Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters.
Orb Hunter (50 points) Collect 300 Hidden Orbs.
Over Our Heads (30 points) Beat all 12 Rooftop Races.
Pack Rat (Requires the Premium DLC) (10 points) Complete any Stockpile mini-game in Co-op mode in fewer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Psych Out (Requires the free DLC) (100 points) Complete all Time Trial missions at the Psychotic difficulty level.
Rampage (20 points) Wreak havoc in 60-second increments.
Repo Man (10 points) Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles.
Ring Leader (20 points) Drive through all of the unique Stunt Markers.
Road Warrior (30 points) Beat all 14 Road Races.
Roadkill King (15 points) Run over 175 gang members while driving.
Shai-Gen Cleanser (50 points) Assassinate Shai-Gen - Kill all Shai-Gen gang members.
Shai-Gen Intel Master (10 points) Locate all Shai-Gen dossier targets.
Shot-putter (10 points) Throw any object (other than a grenade) 205 feet or more.
Street Racer (Requires the Premium DLC) (20 points) Win all Street Races using any vehicle.
Street Racer Elite (Requires the Premium DLC) (150 points) Win all Street Races with all vehicles.
Stunt Driver (20 points) Perform five car stunts: front & back flips, barrel rolls, a long jump.
Tag Teamer (40 points) Partner up and complete every mission in Co-op mode.
Take Me To Your Supply Point (10 points) Unlock your first Supply Point.
The Trifecta (50 points) Wipe the city clean by taking out all members of all three gangs.
Timed Stunt Driver (20 points) Execute six car stunts in 60 seconds.
Untouchable Agent (15 points) Kill 200 gang members without dying.
Volk Cleanser (40 points) Eviscerate the Volk - Take out all Volk gang members.
Volk Intel Master (10 points) Locate all Volk dossier targets.

Rating 1

"Body Juggler" and "Car Juggler" achievement hints

  • Note: You must have a rocket launcher. Take a body or car up the elevator in the Central Point building in Shai-Gen. Once out of the elevator, go up the ramp to where it goes outside, take out the rocket launcher, and throw the body or car up in the air and slightly away from the building. Then, just fire rockets at it to keep it in the air for a couple seconds. Once it hits the ground, the achievement will be unlocked.

  • For an easy Car Juggler achievement, first make sure that you have a full load of cluster grenades ready. Get the Agency Supercar from the garage and go out door 1 into the Los Muerte district. Drive the car into the water, but not too far away. Get far enough where it is floating and you can throw a grenade under it. Once the car is floating in the water, throw as many cluster grenades under it as possible. Once they explode, the car will soar high to the point where you can just barely see it in the sky. If done correctly, it should stay up there for around fifteen to twenty seconds. This will not only get you the achievement easily but will also give some enjoyment as it is the easiest, best, and most entertaining way to launch a car into the air. Note: This trick doesn't work with bodies.

Rating 1

Twin Towers easter egg

Go on Shai gen's island just south of "the block" Agency supply point. There are two mini skyscraper buildings that have the words Tower 1 and Tower 2 on them, one for each building from the American towers destroyed on September 11th.

Rating 1

"Chain Banger" achievement hint

  • On the south area of the Island of Los Muertos is a pier that extends into the water (west of the Ferris wheel pier). On that pier can be found a circle of explosive barrels that curl around a building on the pier. Shoot it, then run north and then either east or west. Look to the west where the apartments are located to find another set of barrels in a row. Shoot them. Complete this process a few times to get the Chain Banger achievement.

  • Note: The downloadable content that includes the new vehicles is required for this trick. Go to the Agency and get the armored car that shoots the missiles, then drive through door two into Volk Drive until you are just outside of the tunnel. Hold B or LB to shoot the rockets. The rockets will keep firing and you should get the achievement.

Rating 1

Car stunt achievement hints

  • You can get most of the stunt achievements at level 2 or higher. However, if possible, try leveling up by doing all the races so that you are a level 5 (four stars and +99) driver. Once ready, go to the Agency supply point and access the Agency SUV. Exit door 1 to Los Muertos, then drive north towards the Ferris wheel. Once there, land on the beach. On the beach are a few lifeguard huts; most of them have two ramps (one on each side). Use this area to get all the stunt achievements. If you are a level 5 or higher and have the SUV, you can use a special "car jump feature". Use this to your advantage. The only stunts that need to be done elsewhere are those that require you to jump a height of 115 ft or more and to execute two front flips. You can get the two front flips by finding an elevated area that will allow you to use the SUV to gain speed. Then, press B to jump off it.

  • Keep reading to easily unlock the following achievements: Car Juggler, Hazardous Hang Time, Driving High, and Front Flipper. First, play in co-op mode and use a Supercar. Using it with a level 4 driving skill is recommended, although it is possible with a level 3 driving skill. Have one of the players drive the Supercar and the other find a small car that is just roaming around. Use the bridge directly outside the Agency in Los Muertos, to the right. Get on opposite sides of the bridge and meet head on in the center lane at full speed. The Supercar should send the other vehicle flying for a long time. It is possible to get all four achievements at once. However, the Car Juggler achievement may be slightly more difficult to unlock. You do not have to actually shoot the car in the air with a rocket launcher for seven seconds. The same strategy described earlier applies, except make sure that the regular car is smoking very badly as it is sent skyward with the Supercar. If you get a good enough jump up, the last bit of damage that the Supercar inflicts on the already smoking vehicle will cause it to explode up in the air and thus earn you the Car Juggler achievement. Note: You must stay in the car for the explosion to count towards the achievement. Although this results in a death, you will earn the achievement.

Rating 1

Shooting yourself into the middle of the city or through the map

Either by yourself or in Co-op mode on Xbox Live, go into Keys Of The City . Note: Put four stars on all your skills. Go on the highway and have a friend drive the Agency Supercar (or do so yourself). While you are in the car, use the cheat window to spawn a ramp truck. At full speed, hit the spawn ramp truck button about three times. You will fly or go through the map. If you spawn a ramp truck on Wang Tower on the cement wall sides, jump off it with an Agency Supercar. You can go through the Wang building as well. If you get stuck you may have to extract.

Rating 1

"Ring Leader" achievement hint

While playing with someone in Co-op mode, have the player who needs the achievement be in the car. Then, the other person should be able to pick up the car and throw you into the ring. This gets them faster than finding a ramp to jump to get them, especially when the person picking up the car has a four star strength.

Rating 1

Running over gang members hint

If you are having difficulty running over gang members with any sort of car, try driving very slowly at them. They are much less likely to try and dodge your car than when you are driving at a high speed.

Rating 0

"Body Armor" achievement hint

Spawn at the Agency tower and take down the Harpoon Gun. Then, ride out to where the Peacekeepers and the Los Muertos are doing a shoot out a nd kill all the Los Muertos members. Pick up their bodies one at a time and throw them on top of a car, then quickly shoot them with the Harpoon Gun. This might take a while since the bodies will slide off and some may just fall even if you harpooned them. Just throw them back up on the car. When you Harpoon five bodies on a single vehicle you will unlock the "Body Armor" achievement.

Rating 0

"Timed Stunt Driver" achievement hint

  • Become a level 4 skill driver to be able to jump and stick yourself to buildings. Find a tall building clear of street lamps and other things. Make sure you are away from the building slightly. Go slow, jump towards the building, and raise the nose of the car in the air. Press B again to stick yourself to the building. Drive up the wall. When it releases, you will fly backward slightly. At this moment, hold Analog-stick Back for an easy backwards flip. Repeat this five more times and the achievement is yours.

  • Go to the Easy Riders Garage in the Los Muertos territory by the lighthouse after securing it from enemy hands. Note: This was done with a skill level 4 Agency SUV. You will have a regular jump ramp and two barrel roll ramps. Start by using the regular jump ramp at speeds between 110 mph to 120 mph. Anything faster results in you hitting the rafters; anything slower will result with the back bumper of your SUV landing and you will not get a full flip. Land it and continue around to the barrel roll ramps. Hit them at 80 mph to 90mph and land it. Repeat the process three times to earn the achievement.

  • Set up a co-op game with a friend. Note: You must have the ability to pick up and throw cars. Take the Agency SUV (as you have greater aerial control) to an open area (such as the beach area north of the fairgrounds) and have one player stay in the SUV. Then, have the other player pick up the car and throw it (avoiding any rocks or structures). The car naturally tends to perform a right barrel roll. The player in the car must make sure that the SUV lands on its wheels to earn the 1x Barrel Roll. Repeat this until you have done it six times in sixty seconds.

Rating 0

Violeta Sanchez strategy

At the top of the apartment complex, on the southern side of the south island, Sanchez awaits. A fast way to reach her is by climbing the windows of the blue, western building to reach the top. Thankfully there aren't very many armed guards at the top. She shouldn't pose much of a threat. Due to the rooftop's close quarters, your melee attack are quite useful. Also, shoot explosive barrels if Sanchez is anywhere near them to inflict heavy damage.

Rating 0

400 mph Agency Supercar hint

This only work in Keys To The City, which is available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Go into Keys To The City and put on all skills at full, then go to the highway and spawn the Agency supercar. Get in it and start driving. The top speed of the Agency Supercar at 4 stars is about 225 mph. Press Select to open up the "Keys To The City" menu while you are driving and scroll to "Change Driving Skill". Press Y to put it back down to 0 stars while you are still driving so the car downgrades to its original form. The speed of the Agency Supercar will increase to over 375 mph, even 400 mph if you do not hit anything. However, if you stop or increase your driving skill, the speed will return to normal. The speed of the Agency Supercar at 0 stars is 156 mph, but, with this trick the top speed can reach over 400 mph at 0 stars.

Rating 0

Immobilize Agency garage door glitch

Note: The Colby HRX Harpoon Gun is required for this glitch. Go to the Agency garage and make sure you have two bodies laying around. Use your harpoon gun and get two bodies harpooned to the Agency garage door, then select a car. When the Agency garage door goes down, it will stay stuck like that until the two harpooned bodies disappear.

Rating 0

Rubber duck hints

  • In Shei-gen, there is a hotel locationed on the west side of the Island, called The Daisy Chain. If you enter Shei-gen from the Los Muertos side, it is between the two highways. At the top of this hotel is a pool with a rubber duck toy. You can throw the toy at people to make a squeaky sound like a real rubber duck toy.

  • There is a rubber duck in the hot tub in La Mugre, which is the first island with Los Muertos. It is located at the apartment complex where you kill Violeta "Santa Maria" Sanchez.

Rating 0

Reaching any elevation

In Keys To The City, you can get to any elevation by jumping, spawning a ramp truck at the correct moment, then landing on it and jumping. Repeat those steps to reach higher.

Rating 0

Control respawning enemies

To unlock the ability to toggle respawning enemies in certain districts on or off, complete the game by eliminating the Los Muertos Volk and Shai-Gen gangs.

Rating 0

Tire popping achievement hint

To easily get the achievement for popping twenty tires on gang controlled vehicles in sixty seconds, go to the stadium on the north island where you find General Daz. There are two or three gang controlled vehicles outside, and possibly two gang cars inside by the ramp. There is also a space in the back of the stadium with four gang cars in a row. Find one gang controlled car and bring it to the back of the stadium where the four cars are located. Just pop all four tires on each car to unlock the achievement. Note: This of course must be done after defeating Daz.

Rating 0

Driving level bonuses

Note: The only cars that change are the Agency Supercar, Agency SUV, and Agency Truck Cab. The following major changes in performance occur whenever you reach level 4 in your driving status and the car has evolved completely:

  • The Agency Supercar's horn is replaced with a heavy machine gun. Press B to use it.
  • The Agency SUV's horn is replaced with a powerful hydraulic system, allowing it to jump. Press B for a short time and release to jump effortlessly.
  • The Agency Truck Cab's horn is replaced with a powerful nitrous boost that can cause it to plow through anything. Hold B to plow through all who stand in your way.

Rating 0

Easy driving skill hint

Take the truck and drive out Gate 1, then follow the road until you reach an intersection. Turn left to see the on and off ramp for the major highway. Take it, then drive the truck along the highway at maximum speed and ram gang-controlled cars. Try avoiding innocent and police cars or you may be attacked. If done enough times, you will run out of cars on the highway. Just die and more cars will reappear, or quit and come back. You will soon have star level driving this way.

Rating 0

Fly with buggy glitch

This glitch requires the Keys To The City expansion and can easily be done in Co-op mode. On the pier that extends out into the ocean, spawn two ramp trucks back to back with enough room to spawn a buggy in-between. Have a friend get into a ramp truck and park the buggy on the ramp truck that your friend is not in. Then, have your friend back up into the other ramp truck (the one you are on). You should all go flying up into the air, with the possible exception of the ramp truck that the buggy was on. Note: While on the ramp truck, it is recommended that you hold the hand brake (A) to keep from sliding off.