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Crackdown Cheats ""Body Juggler" and "Car Juggler" achievement hints" (Xbox 360)

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"Body Juggler" and "Car Juggler" achievement hints

  • Note: You must have a rocket launcher. Take a body or car up the elevator in the Central Point building in Shai-Gen. Once out of the elevator, go up the ramp to where it goes outside, take out the rocket launcher, and throw the body or car up in the air and slightly away from the building. Then, just fire rockets at it to keep it in the air for a couple seconds. Once it hits the ground, the achievement will be unlocked.

  • For an easy Car Juggler achievement, first make sure that you have a full load of cluster grenades ready. Get the Agency Supercar from the garage and go out door 1 into the Los Muerte district. Drive the car into the water, but not too far away. Get far enough where it is floating and you can throw a grenade under it. Once the car is floating in the water, throw as many cluster grenades under it as possible. Once they explode, the car will soar high to the point where you can just barely see it in the sky. If done correctly, it should stay up there for around fifteen to twenty seconds. This will not only get you the achievement easily but will also give some enjoyment as it is the easiest, best, and most entertaining way to launch a car into the air. Note: This trick doesn't work with bodies.

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