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Crackdown Cheats ""Chain Banger" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   XBOX ONE


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"Chain Banger" achievement hint

  • On the south area of the Island of Los Muertos is a pier that extends into the water (west of the Ferris wheel pier). On that pier can be found a circle of explosive barrels that curl around a building on the pier. Shoot it, then run north and then either east or west. Look to the west where the apartments are located to find another set of barrels in a row. Shoot them. Complete this process a few times to get the Chain Banger achievement.

  • Note: The downloadable content that includes the new vehicles is required for this trick. Go to the Agency and get the armored car that shoots the missiles, then drive through door two into Volk Drive until you are just outside of the tunnel. Hold B or LB to shoot the rockets. The rockets will keep firing and you should get the achievement.

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