Crazy Machines Elements Xbox 360 Cheats

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Apprentice (50 points) You solved your first puzzle!
Builder (10 points) An own level was built!
Candlelight (15 points) Candles lit up the level for 30 seconds!
Challenger (20 points) All challenges were solved!
Collector (10 points) All parts were unlocked!
Creator (10 points) It was a nice night.
Fastest Counter (15 points) A counter chip counted to 200 within ten seconds!
Perfect Puzzler (15 points) All base puzzles were solved as perfect!
Puzzlemaniac (20 points) All puzzles were solved!
Pyrotechnican (15 points) Fireworks were launched for 20 seconds!
Twin Shot (10 points) Two cannonballs were shot with a cannon at once!
Weatherman (10 points) Three different clouds were created in one simulation using one cloud machine!