Darksiders II Xbox 360 Cheats

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Legendary Item Locations

Obtain the following Legendary item by searching the indicated locations and/or performing the corresponding tasks:

Legendary Scythes 
Barbed Defilers (The Crucible) Complete Waves 51-75 of the Crucible.
Bheithir's Talons (The Nook) Defeat the Nook Boss.
Black Demise (Soul Arbiter's Maze) Find the secret treasure on the fifth level, and find all the Sacred Tomes.
Demonflame Renders (The Black Stone: First Floor (Past) Search for a room after leaving the main large chamber where you meet two new Legion enemy types -- the Champion and Soldier. Inside the large circular shaft on the eastern section of the dungeon, drop down to the very lowest grab-able ledge, and circle around to find a hidden path. Then, go down the path, and climb the back wall to find another secret area where the weapon is located.
GnoMAD Scythes It is rewarded automatically for finding all four GnoMAD Gnomes.
Goldbringer (The Ivory Citadel: Second Floor) In the open courtyard on the southern section of the map, you will need to solve a puzzle to continue past the water aqueducts. In the same area, there are Corruption crystals hiding a switch. Destroy the crystals, and pull the switch to open a gate. Instead of leaving, drop down from the cliff with the switch, and go to the end of the aqueduct to find the weapon.
Guillotine (The Fjord)Complete Blackroot's Stonebite side quest to unlock the weapon.
Lifebane (The Veil)This can only be unlocked during your second playthrough. In New Game+ mode, defeat the Icebound Guardian to unlock this weapon.
Static Blades (Pre-Order Only) (The Eternal Throne) This can only be unlocked during your second playthrough. In New Game+ mode, successfully complete Draven's side quest to return the Bloodless Talisman and get this weapon.

Legendary Secondary Weapons
Absolution (The Well Of Souls) Defeat the Absalom boss.
Achidna's Fangs (Psychameron) Defeat the Achidna boss.
Aftermath (The Crucible) Complete all 100 waves in one session.
Dark Avenger (The Cauldron) Defeat the Gharn boss.
Executioner's Hook (Soul Arbiter's Maze) Defeat the Soul Arbiter boss.
Fists Of Elhazar (Earth- First Floor) After fighting the Noss and escaping into the underground tunnels, you will be inside a ruined hotel. Look for a room with a hill of trash. Inside, look up, and jump to a hidden alcove with the weapon.
Gauntlets Of Savagery (Pre-Order Only) (Tri-Stone) Complete the DLC side quest for Karn.
Gorewood Maul (The Weeping Crag) Defeat the Gorewood boss.
Lich Spines (The City Of The Dead- First Floor) After leaving the central area and moving through the statue room you cannot yet solve, you will enter a hall through the north door. Inside the hallway, use the ledges to reach a post. You will need to use a 180-leap, and then run along the wall to reach the high ledge to find the weapon.
Mace Of The Everflame (The Black Stone) Defeat the Samael boss to unlock it in New Game+ mode.
Masher Of Karkinos (The Drenchfort) Defeat the Karkinos boss.
Mortis Use the downloadable code that comes with the Darksiders 2 novel to unlock it.
Omega Blades (The Shattered Forge: Second Floor)Make your way through Constructs, and then swim through the underwater passage. You will come out facing Shadowbomb pods. Find the first Shadowbomb pod in the area, then return to the previous room to destroy some Corruptions crystals. The weapon is located in the alcove blocked by the crystals.
Scepter Of The Deposed King (Lair Of The Deposed King) Defeat the Argul boss.
Spear Of Storms (Shadow's Edge: Death Tomb 4) It is found inside Death Tomb 4. You will need to collect 40 Pages Of The Dead and return them to unlock this optional area.
Sunder (Earth) Talk to the NPC Uriel after finishing their side quest.

Legendary Talismans
Assassin (The Crucible) Successfully complete Waves 76-100.
Blade Master (The Nook- Death Tomb 2) It is found inside Death Tomb 2. You will need to collect 20 Pages Of The Dead and return them to unlock this optional area.
Demonheart (Lair Of The Deposed King- Death Tomb 2) It is found inside Death Tomb 2. You will need to collect 20 Pages Of The Dead and return them to unlock this optional area.
Elemental (The Crucible) Defeat the final challenge at Wave 101.
Grim (Tri-Stone) Successfully complete the Shaman's Craft side quest for Muira.
Heartstone (The Crucible) Successfully complete Waves 1-25.
Hoardseeker (Lostlight- Death Tomb 3) It is found inside Death Tomb 3. You will need to collect 30 Pages Of The Dead and return them to unlock this optional area.
Keen (Boneriven- Burial Passages Area 7 ) Make your way through the underground tomb tunnels inside Boneriven. In the second of these tunnels, just as you enter the room, look in the first alcove to your right to find it.
The Crown Of The Dead (The Soul Arbiter's Maze) Defeat the Soul Arbiter at the end of The Soul Arbiter's Maze optional dungeon.

Legendary Armor
Abyssal Armor (The Crucible) Collect all 40 Pages Of The Dead to enter Death Tomb 4. Inside the tomb, destroy all 12 pots to reveal a hidden chest with the armor inside.
Abyssal Boots (The Crucible) Complete Waves 26-50.
Abyssal Gauntlets (The Fjord) Collect and turn in all 30 lost relics to Ostegoth to get the armor.
Abyssal Spaulders (The Crucible) Complete Waves 76-100.

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Collectibles Location Guides

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A Stroll In The Demonic Park (30 points) Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
A True Horseman (90 points) Complete the game on APOCALYPTIC.
Abracadabra (30 points) Open all Death Tombs.
All You Can Eat Buffet (30 points) Complete Sticks and Stones.
Antiquing (30 points) Complete Lost Relics.
BFA (10 points) Unlock Everything.
Bravo Old Chap (20 points) Defeat Wicked K.
By Your Command (10 points) Collect the Interdiction Stone .
City of the Dead (10 points) Complete City of the Dead.
Clipped Wings (20 points) Defeat Archon.
Crow Carrion (20 points) Defeat the Crowfather.
Death Will Tear Us Apart (10 points) Collect the Soul Splitter.
Diamond Geezertron (10 points) Unlock the final skill in either skill tree.
Dust to Dust (20 points) Defeat the Guardian.
Epic! (10 points) Death Reaches Level 30.
Feeding Time (20 points) Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon.
Fire of the Mountain (10 points) Complete Fire of the Mountain.
Four My Brother (90 points) Complete the game on NORMAL.
Full Potential (30 points) Unlock All Combat Moves & Upgrades.
Gnomad (40 points) Complete GnoMAD.
Grim Reaping (30 points) Unlock Reaper Form.
Heart of the Mountain (10 points) Complete Heart of the Mountain.
I Can Has Cake? (10 points) Collect the Voidwalker.
I've Brought You A Gift (30 points) Defeat the Soul Arbiter.
Is There Anyone Else? (30 points) Complete The Crucible.
It's Not Over (20 points) Defeat Samael.
Like a Noss (30 points) Defeat the four creatures named by Thane.
Looks Familiar (10 points) Collect Redemption.
Lord of the Black Stone (10 points) Complete Lord of the Black Stone.
Mass Ruckus (10 points) Equip elite items to all slots.
Pathfinder (10 points) First use of Fast Travel.
Pay It Forward (10 points) Gift An Item To A Friend.
Respec Yourself (20 points) Your First Respec.
Soul Crushing (20 points) Defeat The Wailing Host.
Stains of Heresy (10 points) Complete Stains of Heresy.
Tearing Time A New One (10 points) Collect the Phasewalker.
Tears of the Mountain (10 points) Complete Tears of the Mountain.
The Big Boss (20 points) Defeat Absalom.
The Book of the Dead (10 points) Complete The Book of the Dead.
The Court of Bones (10 points) Defeat Basileus.
The Lord of Bones (10 points) Complete The Lord of Bones.
The Mad Queen (10 points) Complete The Mad Queen.
The Rod of Arafel (10 points) Complete The Rod of Arafel.
The Root Of Corruption (10 points) Open The Well Of Souls.
The Secondary Adventure (50 points) Complete all Secondary Quests.
The Spectral Touch (10 points) Collect Deathgrip.
The Toll of Kings (10 points) Complete The Toll of Kings.
The Triple Lindy (10 points) Complete 3 different high dives in the Foundry.
To Move a Mountain (10 points) Complete To Move a Mountain.
Tree of Life (10 points) Complete Tree of Life.

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Prequel bonuses

Receive the following bonuses from Myria the Shaman in Tri-Stone by meeting the corresponding requirements for the original Darksiders:

Chaos Fangs (Level 1 Scythe) Complete the first game at least once on any difficulty
Pauldron of the Horseman (Level 5 Shoulder) Play the first game and earn at least one achievement

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Avatar Awards

Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Darksiders 2 T-shirt A T-Shirt featuring the Joe Mad Darksiders II artwork used to announce the game.
Death mask Don the mask of Death and reap the souls of your enemies as the most feared of the four horsemen.
Game Logo cap Show your support for Darksiders II with this Logo Cap.

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Pages Of The Dead Location Guide

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