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Dead Block Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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All Traps (10 points) You built every trap and a wood blockade in one level.
Bomber (10 points) You killed 20 zombies with a single bomb trap.
Cactus Time (10 points) You searched four cacti in a row while playing Mike.
Dead can Dance (10 points) You activated the Jukebox and make a zombie dance.
Game Complete (30 points) You completed all single player levels.
Jack the Builder (10 points) You blocked all the doors and windows in one level.
Medal Seeker (50 points) You won all gold medals in all singleplayer levels.
Multikill (10 points) You killed three zombies with one melee attack.
Nightshift (10 points) You played five minutes in darkness.
Poo Dance (30 points) Ten infected zombies danced at the same time.
Quintupel Super Awesome (10 points) You built five blockades with super awesome finish in a row.
Work force (10 points) You employed 20 construction zombies.

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