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Dead Rising 2 Cheats "Weapon combinations" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Weapon combinations

Create the following weapons by combining the corresponding weapons:
Air Horn Spray paint + Traffic cone
Auger Pitchfork + Drill motor
Beer Hat Bottle of beer + Hard hat
Blambow Bow and arrows + TNT
Blazing Aces Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch
Blitzkrieg Assault rifle + Electric wheel chair
Boomstick Pitchfork + Shotgun
Claws Boxing gloves + Bowie knife
Defiler Axe + Sledgehammer
Drill Bucket Bucket + Drill
Driller Spear + Power drill
Dynameat Human hand (or meat) + TNT
Electric Rake Car battery + Rake
Exsanguinator Vacuum cleaner + Saw blade
Fire Spitter Tiki torch + Light machine gun
Flamethrower Gas can + Super soaker
Flaming Gloves Boxing gloves + Motor oil
Fountain Lizard Lizard head mask + Pipe
Freedom Bear Giant teddy bear + Light machine gun
Freezer Bomb Extinguisher + Dynamite
Gem Blower Gems + Leaf blower
Hacker Computer case + Flashlight
Hail Mary Football + Grenade
Handy Chipper Wheelchair + Lawnmower
Heliblade Toy helicopter + Machete
Holy Arms Training sword + Nails
Improvised Explosive Device Box of nails + Gas can
Infernal Arms Training sword + Motor oil (located behind the casino stage)
Letrci-Rake Rake + Car battery
Light Sword Gems + Flashlight
Molotov Newspaper + Whiskey
Paddle Saw Kayak paddle + Chainsaw
Parablower Leaf Blower + Parasol
Plate Launcher Cement Saw + Plates
Pole Weapon Push Broom + Machete
Porta Mower 2x4 + Lawnmower
Power Guitar Electric Guitar + Amp
Propeller Hat Serve-Bot head + Propeller
Ripper Cement Saw + Saw Blade
Roaring Thunder Goblin Mask + Battery
Rocket Launcher Pipe + Fireworks
Snowball Cannon Extinguisher + Super soaker
Spear Launcher Spear + Leaf Blower
Spiked Bat Baseball bat + Nails
Sticky Bomb Lawn Dart + Dynamite
Tenderizers Box of nails + MMA gloves
Tesla Ball Hamster ball + Car battery
Unknown Leaf blower + Parasol
Wolverine Claws Boxing gloves + Bowie knife
Zapper Flashlight + Computer server
Zombie Eater Push lawnmower + 2X4

Additionally you can create the following vehicle-weapon combinations after you unlock the motorcycle trailer by completing the "Here Come The Contestants" mission.
Chainsaw Motorcycle Motorcycle + Chainsaw
Machine Gun Motorcycle Motorcycle + LMG
Rabbit Motorcycle Motorcycle + Giant Stuffed Rabbit (found outside on top of Moe's Maginations); earns 10 PP for every killed zombie.

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