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Dead Space 3 Cheats "Unlimited items hints" (Xbox 360)

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Unlimited items hints

-Get to the area near the end of Chapter 8 and look for a small building that must be entered by side-stepping a corrugated metal fence. The correct building has a generator to the right, bunk beds to the left, and an exit door ahead. While inside, leave the room through the door ahead of the beds. Oncethe door closes, turn around and re-enter the room. A random item will appear near the beds. Exit the room from the same door, wait for the door to close, then re-enter to repeat the process. The items are random and cannot be sold or crafted.

-After reaching the end of Chapter 13 and defeating the Boss, an auto-save icon will appear while you move into a large snowy field scattered with crates. Do not continue to the exit. Instead, collect the tungsten and items from the crates. After that, pause game play and select the "Save And Quit" option to return to the main menu. Once done, select the "Continue From Last Save" option to return to the start of the snowy field area. The items in the crates will have respawned and can be collected again as many times as desired.

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