Diner Dash Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4


"I ate the whole thing!" (25 points) Beat all four restaurants in Flo's career.
"I really ate the whole thing!" (55 points) Beat all four restaurants in Flo's career with all expert scores.
Endless, Schmendless (10 points) Last 10 minutes in single-player Endless Mode.
Here's a tip for you... (15 points) Win 10 online Tip Wars games.
Now we're cookin'! (7 points) Earn Five Stars in Flo's career.
Secret Diner Award (15 points) Beat Vishnu's Garden Café.
That's what I call an upgrade! (5 points) Unlock the full version of Diner Dash.
That's what I call team work! (15 points) Win 10 online Team Dash games.
There's always tomorrow Flo (3 points) Lose all your stars in Endless Mode.
There's no time like the present (15 points) Win 10 online Time Wars games.
Will Flo please stand up?! (15 points) Win 10 1v1 Head to Head Games.
Workin' nine to five... (20 points) Win 20 Team Dash Games with at least three other teams.

Rating 3

Extra money

Customers will pay you more money at the second restaurant when you give them more beverages while they have full hearts.

Rating 1

Efficient service

If your table is full and there are three or more groups of guests, click the table that is ready and go to the podium. Serve the food then go to the podium. Repeat the move until the table is empty.

Rating 0

Prevent customers from leaving

To prevent a customer from leaving when they are at heart level 1, move the pointer over the customer to hold them there until you podium heart is full.