DoDonPachi Resurrection Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2


10,000 Hits! (15) Connect a 10,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A)
100,000 Hits! (35) Connect a 100,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A)
2x Bonus! (10) Connect a 500 HIT combo.
3x Bonus! (15) Connect a 1000 HIT combo.
5x Bonus! (25) Connect a 5000 HIT combo.
7x Bonus! (50) Connected a 10,000 HIT combo.
A Daunting Task (20) Enter the Open Second Loop.
A.I. (15) Destroy the Stage 1 boss "Element Daughter A.I".
Abominable Execution Weapon (30) Destroy "Golden Disaster".
Activate Hyper! (5) Activate a hyper by using a bomb stock.
Automatic Transmission (5) Trigger 3 auto-bombs during play. (Arrange B)
BOMB Style Victory (30) Clear the game using Bomb Style.
Bee Completion (25) Collect all the bee items in a stage.
Bombing ]-[|/34By no means. (10) Select "NO" at the end of the first loop.
Charged Up (20) Collect 5 hyper items and fill the Hyper Meter to MAX. (Arrange A)
Descent to Hell (20) Picked up a bee item while it was flashing on a stage with an average enemy rank of more than 50.
Engage Hostiles (5) Start up the game.
Extreme Generator (20) Charge up 5 hyper stocks during one hyper activation. (Arrange A)
Full Power! (20) Activate your hyper with 5 hyper items in stock. (Arrange A)
God-like Existence (10) Increase the Expert Gauge to MAX. (Arrange B)
Humanity's Triumph (50) Destroyed ]-[|/34