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Dollar Dash Xbox 360 Cheats

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC

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Thief (10 points) You have stolen $1000 in a single match from other players.
Capo (20 points) You have acquired rank Capo.
Boss (20 points) You have acquired rank Boss.
Fully loaded (20 points) You have bought every shop item.
Boulder Dash (20 points) In an online game, hit 3 human players with a single boulder.
Tight Win (20 points) You have won an online match with a lead of $100.
Highest Rank (30 points) You have acquired highest rank.
Homerun (20 points) You have deposited a full bag of $1000 at the getaway car in an online game.
Master of Dollar Dash (20 points) You have won 5 games or finished 20 games in mode Dollar Dash (online).
Master of Hit'n'Run (20 points) You have won 5 games or finished 20 games in mode Hit'n'Run (online).
Master of the Safe! (20 points) You have won 5 games or finished 20 games in mode Save the Safe (online).
Untouchable (20 points) You have won one game in Mode Hit'n'Run without beeing knocked out by other players (online).
Missile Defense System (20 points) You have bounced a nuke with Jelly.
Boxer (20 points) You have knocked out an opponent with melee attacks.
Drunkard (20 points) You have suffered beer damage 10 times in a single match.
Inseparable (20 points) You have won a Save the Safe match without loosing the safe (online).
Taunted (20 points) You have used both taunts and won an online match.
Magpie escape (20 points) You have outran a magpie.
Customized (20 points) You have won an online game with a custom hat, face & dance.
My first robbery (20 points) You have completed the Boot Camp.

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Avatar Awards

Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the correpsonding tasks:
Dollar Dash Beanie Buy a shop item.
Dollar Dash Shirt Win 10 online games in Dollar Dash mode.

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