Dragon Age: Origins Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 5

Unequipping party members items

Inthe origins stories, unequip the items of people in your party beforethey die. You can either use their items or sell them. For example,after returning from the Kokori Worlds and before you talk to Duncan,unequip all of Jory and Daveths items since they will eventually die.

Rating 4

Increasing approval hints

  • Occasionally your party might not care for you or bluntly tells you that they could be off better somewhere else. This is easy to change. Each item that has "Gift" beside it can be given to a party member to increase their approval. For example, some of the demon things that you get in your travels (like the totem or demon statue) can be given to Sten. You will get at least a 5+ approval. Each item varies from person to person and some will yield more approval when given to a specific character. You must learn which item fits what person.

  • How you talk to a character can determine approval ratings. Some are minor changes, but still will be closer to the liking side or disgusted side however you so choose. The hardest two that you can speak to are Sten and Morhgan, but usually the correct words can lead to a loving moment and others to a long argument or a discussion, especially for learning about them. That is what takes the longest time. The only one you really never have to worry about is the Mabari of the group, or the dog in most cases. It will love you no matter what and will stay loyal forever. Give it a treat for being such a good loyal character!

Rating 3

Extra backpack in Ostagar

To get an extra backpack in Ostagar, purchase the backpack from the Quartermaster. Complete the quest where you and the recruits enter into the Wilds. Complete the "Joining" ritual and become a Grey Warden. Before you attend the meeting with Duncan and the King, return to the Quartermaster. There will be another backpack available for the same price.

Rating 3

Superman easter egg

While traveling on the world map you may encounter a farmer and his wife who find a baby in a meteor crash, just after it happens. They decide to take the baby and raise it as their own, a clear reference to the plot of Superman. You will get the Meteor Ore that the baby came in, which can be made into armor by Wade in Denerim. Your best chance of getting this event is from one of the Chantry Board mission in Redcliffe. Travel straight from Redcliffe to Refugees.

Rating 3

Lothering quest unlimited XP

Near the start of the game in the town of Lothering, if you speak to Allison you can get the quest "Traps are a Girl's Best Friend". You need three spring traps (which can be bought, looted or made) to complete the quest. After completing the quest, speak to Allison twice. The second time you speak to her, the quest is refreshed and you can repeat it again for 100 exp each time. As a bonus, you also get 50 silvers each time you complete it. This is a great way to gain plenty of cash and experience early in the game. If you need more traps, cross the road to Dane's Refuge and buy trap triggers from Barlin for 2 gold 57 silver per stack of 99. With 1 level of trap-making you can convert the triggers to spring traps. With each stack of 99 triggers you buy (and convert to spring traps) you can complete the Traps quest 33 times! So for each investment of 2 gold 57 silver you make to buy the triggers, you can make 16 gold 50 silvers by repeating the quest! What a deal!

Rating 2

Item set bonuses

Equip the following item sets to receive the corresponding set bonuses:

Item Set 1 Griffon: Immunity to Flanking
Item Set 2 Effort: -10% Fatigue
Item Set 3 Juggernaut Plate: +3 Strength +3 Constitution
Item Set 4 Imperium Rings: +2 Armor
Item Set 5 Legion Of The Dead: +3 Damage +3 Constitution
Item Set 6 Dalish Leather: +5 Defense
Item Set 7 Duster Leather: +2 Armor
Item Set 8 Wade's Drakeskin: -10% Fatigue
Item Set 9 Wade's Dragonskin: -25% Fatigue
Item Set 10 Wade's Dragonscale: -20% Fatigue
Item Set 11 Wade's Dragonbone Plate: -10% Fatigue
Item Set 12 Leather Armor: -5% Fatigue
Item Set 13 Studded Leather Armor: +1 Defense
Item Set 14 Chainmail: -2.5% Fatigue
Item Set 15 Scale Armor: +4.5 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 16 Splint Mail: +1 Armor
Item Set 17 Dwarven Medium Armor: +1 Armor
Item Set 18 Ancient Elven Armor: +5 Defense
Item Set 19 Ceremonial Armor: +6 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 20 Diligence: +5 Willpower
Item Set 21 Dwarven Heavy Armor: +1 Armor
Item Set 22 Heavy Chainmail: -3% Fatigue
Item Set 23 Chevalier Armor: +3 Willpower +3 Constitution
Item Set 24 Commander's Plate: +5 Willpower
Item Set 25 Dwarven Massive Armor: +2 Armor
Item Set 26 Heavy Plate: +7.5 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 27 Wade's Superior Drakeskin: -10% Fatigue +5 Defense
Item Set 28 Wade's Superior Dragonskin: -25% Fatigue +5 Defense
Item Set 29 Wade's Superior Dragonscale: -20% Fatigue +5 Defense
Item Set 30 Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate: -10% Fatigue +5 Defense
Secret Armor Of The River Dane Set: +6 Willpower +1 Cunning +6 Attack +4

Rating 2

Easy gold hint

To easily get gold, place your most expensive item in the junk section ofyour inventory. Go to a merchant and highlight the item in your junkinventory. Then, quickly press Triangle, X. Your item will sell fortwice its value. Repeat as desired.

Rating 2

Easy money

You can purchase two packs from the quartermaster when you begin the Grey Warden Joining. Once you get them, you will have 100 item spaces in your inventory. Collect everything during the main and side quests. Trade with a merchant. Continue to add more to your inventory space. A pack is 10 spaces extra, but prices tend to vary from those you buy. The quartermaster in the beginning sells them at the same price. The dwarf merchant that follows your party to camp varies. The quartermaster at The Tower of Magi has one for a heavy price, but it is worth it because you can hold more items and sell more as you see fit. By doing this you can make a lot of coin by mid-game. What you buy and sell depends on the coin you get to carry through the game.

Rating 2

Monty Python And The Search for the Holy Grail easter egg

During travel on the world map, you may encounter a group of people around a stump claiming that if you pull it out, you are destined to become king of Thedas. This prompts banter between them. "Pulling a drunken loggers axe out of stump is hardly something to base a system of government off of." and "He must be a king."; "Why do you say that?"; "Because he doesn't have dung all over him." This is a reference from the beginning of the movie Monty Python And The Search For The Holy Grail.

Rating 2

Unlockable Items

To unlock the following bonus items, register an account on the Electronic Arts web site that is linked to your profile in Dragon Age: Origins. Play the Dragon Age Journeys mini-game at www.dragonagejourneys.com, and perform the corresponding tasks:

Amulet Of the War Mage Sign in to your EA account in Dragon Age Journeys.
Embri's Many Pockets Save the Grey Warden Martine by completing The Missing Warden quest.
Helm Of The Deep Unlock all five achievements in Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads.

Rating 2

Easy leveling

In the Tainted Blood mission in Ostargar,collect the three Vials of Darkspawn Blood, and do not collect the GreyWarden Treaties. Then, go talk to Duncan and choose "We have the blood,but not the scrolls." You will gain experience and this can berepeated.

Rating 2

Easy experience hints

  • To easily gain experience use the "Easy gold" glitch to get lots of gold.After you save Arl of Redcliffe's life, a soldier will appear in yourcamp with a box for donating money to the army. You will gainexperience for each donation you make.

  • In Lothering, run to the right upon exiting Dane's Refuge to find a quest giver by the name of Allison. She will ask you to make three traps for her and reward you with a moderate amount of experience and 50 Silvers. Take advantage of this as the quest is repeatable and will no longer be exploitable as you progress in the game. To do this, go back into Dane's Refuge and purchase Trap Triggers. He has an infinite supply of them. Assuming you have Trap Making, create Spring Traps, which only cost approximately 3 Silvers to create. She wants 3 per turn in so it only costs you roughly 9 Silver for the quest. She will reward you with 41 Silvers profit per turn in, not to mention the experience that comes along with it. Note: Take advantage of this exploit because Lothering will be unavailable to you at various points in the game.

  • To gain more experience points earlier in the game, go to Denerim as soon as you leave Lothering and find a building named "Wonders of Thedas". Go inside it and purchase the Archivist's Belt. As long as it is equipped, you will get an experience point boost for everything in your Codex. For instance, books will increase from 50 experience points to 75 experience points.

Rating 2

Free Tier 4 mage staff and other items

Do the following to get some items and gifts before you leave the castle. When playing as a human noble, after you go to your brother Fergus' room but before you leave, to go to bed ask your dog "Do you see anything interesting?". If he brings nothing back, ask him again. By doing this you will obtain the following items:

  • Piece of wood, which is a tier 4 mage staff that has a +1 Constitution and +10% Nature Resistance.
  • Found cake.
  • Dirty pair of pantaloons.
  • Tangled ball of yarn
  • Bottle of Garbolg's backcountry reserve.
  • Greenstone or elfroot.
  • Unique but seemingly useless Codex entry.

Rating 2

Pick up items during battle

Usually during battle you cannot pick up items. However, if you go within range of the item or corpse, open your radial menu by holding R2 and center it on the item or corpse and press X, when you let go of R2, the pick up box will appear. This can be helpful if you are in need of poultices and a dead enemy may have one on them.

Rating 2


Each gift helps every character raise their liking of the "Warden" or main character you create. The following is a list of the gifts and the corresponding items that will increase your friendship with that character:

Alistair Alidtair's Mothers Amulet, Stone Warrior Statue, Stone Dragon Statue, Black Runestone, White Runestone, Duncan's Shield, Joining Chalice, Onyx Demon Statue, Small Carved Statue.
Liliana Andraste's Grace, Blue Satin Boots, Bronze, Steel and Gold Symbol of Andraste, Cute Nug, Etched Silver Symbol, Chantry Amulet, Silver Sword of Mercy.
Morigan Silver Chain. Gold Mirror, Flemeth's Grimoire, Flemeth's Real Grimoire, Gold Amulet, Golden Demon Pendant, Golden Rope Necklace, Locket, Silver Brooch, Silver Medallion.
Oghren All the alcoholic drinks you find.
Sten Sten's Sword, Totem and the paintings you find.
Wynne Fancy Scroll, Wine, the books you find.
Zevran Dalish Gloves, Antivian Leather Boots, gold and silver bars

Rating 2

Tainted God strategy

Have the final Boss follow you as you notice the oversized crossbows. When using these (ballista), keep in mind that, depending on where and how close the Tainted God is, you may not get a huge amount of damage. You just have to worry about the long range attacks and sometimes the dark spawn attacking. However, if you have party members then you should be fine. They can battle the dark spawn and you can remain focused on the dragon or Tainted God.

Rating 1

Unlimited Enhancement Crystals for Shale

Toget unlimited Enhancement Crystals for Shale, in Redcliff convince theinkeeper to join the fight which will leave the barmaid in charge. Thebarmaid will give you anything in the shop for free. Go to your campand come back to the shop to keep receiving more supplies.

Rating 1

Keening Blade Legendary weapon hint

Unlockthe Keening Blade Legenday weapon by completing the Unbound quest bycollecting the four journals in the following locations:

  • 1. Adventurer's corpse in Ruined Temple on the "Urn Of Sacred Ashes" quest in the southwest corridor.
  • 2. Brecilian Ruins' Lower Ruins in the south fire trap room.
  • 3. Talk to an adventurer in Orzammar's Tapster's tavern.
  • 4. Go to the dirty back alley in Denerim, and fight the demon.

Rating 1

Free storage hint

While in Lothering, travel towards a bridge on the edge of town. There is a bridge where a Dwarven father and son will be under attack. If you save them and are kind to them, they will be at your party's camp when you arrive shortly afterward. The father is a merchant and the son is an enchanting savant. The father has good items to start with. Go to him and buy them by using the "Easy gold" glitch if needed. He never seems to lose what you sell him and thus can essentially use him as free storage. This works well for players without the Warden's Keep downloaded content's bottomless chest, or if you just don't feel traveling to Soldier's Peak to retrieve your excess inventory.

Rating 1

Free Specialization Books

To get SpecializationBooks for free, save the game and the purchase the book. Then, load thesaved game and you will still have the Specialization Book and Gold youspent on it.

Rating 1

Ghost Bridge on "Urn of Sacred Ash" hint

To get across the Ghost Bridge in the Urn of Sacred Ash quest, follow these steps:

  • 1: Right one, right two, left three.
  • 2: Step on first section of ghost bridge.
  • 3: Right two, left three, left six.
  • 4: Step on second section of ghost bridge.
  • 5: Right two, right four, left six.
  • 6: Right four, left one, left six.
  • 7: Step on third section of ghost bridge.
  • 8: Right four, right five, left one.
  • 9: Right five, left one, left five.

Rating 1

Armed Mages hint

Mages are more than just magic casters. Once you have acquired the Arcane Warrior style, you can easily exchange the strength of armor and weapons to wield or wear them for Magic. You can then use spells and a sword. The armor will protect you from physical damage and you don't have to keep your distance. Use all the spells desired and still get up close with your enemies. Note: This ability is obtained in the "Nature Of The Beast" quest with the Dalish Elves. You must go into the temple and find a vial that seems odd. A short cinematic starts and it speaks to you. After a long series of questioning, it offers to pass on its talents of an arcane warrior to you and your party in exchange for its freedom.

Rating 1

Unlimited gold

Complete the two Drakescale Armor quests with Wade the armor crafter in Denerim. During the "Search For The Urn of Sacred Ashes" quest, you will encounter a dragon. Defeat it to receive the "Dragon Scale" item. When you return to Denerim, do not go to Wade's. Instead, go to Gorim at the opposite side of the Open Market and sell him the Dragon Scale. Then, go to Wades, tell him you have the Dragon Scale, and ask him to make the strongest armor. After the dialogue, Wade will give you a complete set of Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Armor. Exit Wade's and go back to Gorim. Buy back the Dragon Scale. Exit the merchant and you will notice that the quest has been reissued. Talk to Gorim again and sell him back the Dragon Scale. After that, go back to Wade's and have him make another set of armor. Under normal conditions you can sell the entire set for around 8 gold pieces, but if you chose the Dwarf noble as your starting character Gorim will buy it from you for double that amount.

Rating 1

Penny Arcade on " Darkspawn Chronicles" easter egg

When you get to where you must defend the Archdemon, notice that the dog that would normally be in your party is named Barkspawn. This is the same name mentioned by a character in a Penny Arcade comic depicting the DLC for Dragon Age Origins.

Rating 1


A Dark Promise (50 points) Defeat the archdemon and take your own life through a dark ritual with Morrigan.
Annulment Invoker (20 points) Side with the templars in "Broken Circle".
Archmage (25 points) Achieve level 20 as a mage.
Bhelen's Ally (20 points) Side with Bhelen in "A Paragon of Her Kind".
Blight-Queller (25 points) Kill 1000 darkspawn.
Bloodied (10 points) Beat an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle.
Bully (10 points) Complete five difficult Intimidate attempts.
Casteless (10 points) Beat the Dwarf Commoner origin story.
Ceremonialist (20 points) Defy the Cult of Andraste in "The Urn of Sacred Ashes".
Conscripted (10 points) Beat the City Elf origin story.
Corrupted (10 points) Beat the Dalish Elf origin story.
Defender (20 points) Preserve the lives of half the troops at Denerim's Gates in "The Final Battle".
Dragonslayer (30 points) Defeat the dragon guarding the Urn of Sacred Ashes.
Easy Lover (10 points) Experience the thrill of romance with Zevran.
Educated (15 points) Use a tome to improve the main character's attributes, talents, spells, or skills.
Elite (30 points) Learn two specializations.
First Knight (10 points) Experience the thrill of romance with Alistair.
Grey Warden (20 points) Kill 100 darkspawn.
Harrowed (10 points) Beat the Magi origin story.
Harrowmont's Ally (20 points) Side with Harrowmont in "A Paragon of Her Kind".
Heavy Hitter (10 points) Inflict 250 damage with a single hit.
Hero of Redcliffe (20 points) Beat "The Arl of Redcliffe".
Hopelessly Romantic (25 points) Experience all possible romances.
Kinslayer (10 points) Beat the Dwarf Noble origin story.
Last of Your Line (10 points) Beat the Human Noble origin story.
Last of the Wardens (20 points) Beat Ostagar.
Liberator (20 points) Destroy the Anvil of the Void.
Magic Sympathizer (20 points) Side with the mages in "Broken Circle".
Master Warden (25 points) Kill 500 darkspawn.
Master of Arms (25 points) Achieve level 20 as a warrior.
Menacing (20 points) Complete 10 difficult Intimidate attempts.
Mercenary (20 points) Complete 15 job-board quests.
Perfectionist (50 points) Discover all possible endings.
Persuasive (10 points) Complete five difficult Persuasion attempts.
Pilgrim (10 points) Beat a Chanter's Board quest.
Poacher (20 points) Side with the elves in "Nature of the Beast".
Pragmatist (20 points) Preserve the Anvil of the Void.
Rabble-Rouser (20 points) Beat "The Landsmeet".
Recruiter (25 points) Recruit all party members.
Sacrilegious (20 points) Side with the Cult of Andraste in "The Urn Of Sacred Ashes".
Shadow (25 points) Achieve level 20 as a rogue.
Silver Tongued (20 points) Complete 25 difficult Persuasion attempts.
Slayer (20 points) Side with the werewolves in "Nature of the Beast".
Standard-Bearer (20 points) Use the Grey Warden treaties to recruit all possible allies.
The Ultimate Sacrifice (50 points) Made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Ferelden.
Tinkerer (10 points) Craft an item.
Traveler (35 points) Enter every area in the game.
Veteran (25 points) Learn a specialization.
Wine, Woman, and Song (10 points) Experience the thrill of romance with Leliana.
Witch Gone Wild (10 points) Experience the thrill of romance with Morrigan.

"The Stone Prisoner" achievements
Diabolist (25 points) Take advantage of Avernus's research.
Master of the Peak (25 points) Beat "Soldier's Peak".
Rock and a Hard Place (25 points) Beat "The Golem in Honnleath".
Stone's Lament (25 points) Beat "A Golem's Memories".

"Awakening" achievements
Amaranthine's Last Hope (25 points) Saved the city of Amaranthine.
Awakening (50 points) Completed Dragon Age - Origins - Awakening.
Blind Vengeance (30 points) Escaped the silverite mines.
Commander of the Grey (30 points) Reached level 30.
Keeper of the Vigil (25 points) Saved Vigil's Keep.
Pride Before The Fall (30 points) Defeated the baroness.
Savior of Kal'Hirol (30 points) Destroyed the broodmothers in Kal'Hirol.
The Enduring Vigil (30 points) Acquired all upgrades for Vigil's Keep.

"Return To Ostagar" achievements
In War, Victory (25 points) Defeated the ogre that killed King Calin.

"Warden's Keep" achievements
Diabolist (25 points) Took advantage of Avernus's research.
Master of the Peak (25 points) Completed "Soldier's Peak".

"Darkspawn Chronicles" achievements
Bane of Thedas (25) Handed victory to the archdemon by killing Ferelden's last Grey Warden.
Enthralling (25) Earned maximum approval from all thrall types.
Ogre's Keeper (25) Keep the initial ogre alive as your thrall throughout the entire module.

"Leliana's Song" achievements
Provocateur (50 points) Collected and assembled the Battledress of the Provocateur.
Turning Point (25 points) Heard Leliana's version of her betrayal.
Vendetta (25 points) Destroyed the career of Guard Captain Eams.

"Golems Of Amgarrak" achievements
A Secret Stitched Together (25 points) Gather all of the research notes in Amgarrak.
Grim Reaper (50 points) Defeat the Harvester on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
Reaper (25 points) Defeat the Harvester.

"Witch Hunt" achievements
A Time of Wood and Stone (25 points) Gathered the lost lore of Cadash Thaig.
Through the Looking Glass (25 points) Completed the scrying ritual.
Varterral's Fall (25 points) Defeated the varterral on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
Witch Hunter (25 points) Completed "Witch Hunt".

Rating 1

Gold Exploit

In the city Lothering the Quest "Traps are a girl's best friend" one can repeatedly do the quest, earning Gold and XP. It earns a lot of gold and XP. Note: This should be performed before connecting to Xbox live as a patch has fixed this problem and if you were caught stealing in Lothering the Quest giver will refuse to talk to you.

Rating 1

Unlockable Legendary Weapons

Unlock the following Legendary weapons by performing the corresponding tasks:

Ageless- Before you choose a new King in Orzammar, click the King's throne.Set three party members on pressure plates, and a fourth to click thethrone again. Then, kill the dragon. Marjorlaneses Recurve Beat Leliana's quest.
Staff Of The Magister Lords Purchased in the Wonders Of Thedas in Denerim.
Starfang Longsword Get the random encounter with the crater, then take the Starmetal to Wardens Keep.
Summersword Defeat Loghain's general.
The Rose's Thorn Can be purchased at the shop in Orzammar.
Topsiders Honor In Deep Roads, find the three pieces and then reassemble them in Ortan Thaig.
Wintersbreath Purchase it at the Wonders Of Thedas.
Yusaris Greatsword Beat the "Statue" quest on the third floor of the Magi Tower.

Rating 0

Portal easter egg

Note: Sten must be in your party for this to work. At the end of the game, if you choose to perform the ritual with Morrigan, you will go to the coronation of the new king or queen. After the dialogue with Alistair, you can walk around and talk to your companions. Find Sten and he will say "Where is the cake? They promised there would be cake. The cake is a lie...", a clear reference to Portal.

Rating 0

All talents and specializations on one character glitch

Note: This trick allows you to be a Templar, Berzerker, Reaver, and a Champion all on the same character, as well as have every Talent ability and a massive stat boost. Start the game and get to your party camp for the first time. You will see the Tomes that increase your stats by one and give you a talent to use. Buy it, but do not use it. Instead, save these tomes until you get a second one. When you get the second tome, use the "Duplicate items" glitch and copy as many as desired. Before you use it, be sure to save the game. Also, do not choose any specializations until after you have every talent possible. When that is done, use the tome and select a specialization. When doing the stats, choose "Auto Level Up". If you keep doing this, it should unlock the specializations for that character and you can use the talents for said specialization. Make sure you plan out your stat choices.

Rating 0

Possessed child in Redcliffe hint

When you reach Redcliffe, there will be an option to enter the boy, aside from killing him and confronting the demon inside of the boy. Do not kill the boy. You will not gain much from his death and most likely your allies will disapprove. Instead, choose the option to enter the boy and let the Blood Mage do his ritual. Once you are inside, talk to the father. Once this is done, you must talk to the child "Possessed" and kill the demon inside him multiple times. Once you reach a certain part where you do not talk to the child, but the demon straightforward, try to converse with her. Conversing with her will get you more than just killing her. She will request that in exchange for her life, and the permission to enter the boy's body again in the near future, she will offer you gifts. One is a new specialization. Another is a certain rare item, armor, or weapon. Finally, is pleasure. Pleasure should not be an option, as it does not give you anything in exchange, not even an intimate scene. Select either the item or the specialization. However if you truly do not want to obtain anything useful, kill her.

Rating 0

"Silver Tongued" achievement hint

In Orzammar, there is a man in the Chamber of Assembly named Vartag. Talk to him about earning Lord Behlen's trust and he should give you papers that state that Lord Harrowmont sold the same piece of land to two people. After he gives you the papers, go to the Shaperate in the Diamond Quarter. It is at the opposite end of the entrance to the Commons. Once you are in the Shaperate, speak with the Shaperate and give him the papers. He will tell you that they are forged. After that, return to Vartag and tell him the papers are forged. After you have done this, there is a Persuade line in which you can say. Repeat as many times as desired. Note: It helps if you have a high Coercion skill or high Cunning. Also, if you made a Dwarf Commoner, your sister will take you directly to Vartag once you have entered the Diamond Quarter.

Rating 0

Unlockable Legendary Armor

Unlock the following Legendary armor by performing the corresponding tasks:

Blood Dragon Get the first piece from the DLC. Get the rest in Bodhan's shop.
Juggernaut Examine the three tombstones in the Brecilian Forrest. Then, beat the Jug quest in the Ruins to get the last piece.
Legion Set Located throughout the Deepwoods.
Reapers Vestment Purchase it at the Wonders Of Thedas.
Robes Of Possession Beat Morrigan's quest and then get them from the chest in Flemeth's hut.

Rating 0

Duplicating Items

Toduplicate items, you must have two copies of the item. Place them inyour "Junk" bag, and sell all the junk in your bag to a merchant. Then,buy all of the items back except for one. Select the item in yourinventory and press Triangle and then X. Repeat until you have 99 ofthe items.

Rating 0

Mass Effect easter egg

There is a book in the Orzammar underground section "The Dead Trenches" near the "Legionnaire Shrine" and at the end of a broken bridge. The book is called "Load Limit Reached" and the first line reads "'Mass will have an effect." he says. It also mentions a Dwarf named Shepard, the same name as the main character of Mass Effect.

Rating 0

"Ceremonialist" and "Sacrilegious" achivements hint

To quickly unlock both achievements without replaying the entire game, save your game before you ascend the stairs to the ashes. During the scene, collect a pinch of ashes and put blood in the ashes. Allow yourself to be killed afterward and reload your save. This time, collect the ashes but don't put the blood in. Leave the temple and fight the disciples waiting for you to get the second achievement.

Rating 0

Specialization classes

Reach the following specialization classes by performing the corresponding tasks. Specialization points are given at levels 7 & 14.

Arcane Warrior Learn from The Presence in Brecilian Ruins.
Blood Mage Learn from Desire Demon in Fade.
Shapeshifter Learn from Morrigan or Varathorn.
Spirit Healer Learn from Wynne or Wonders of Thedas.

Assassin Learn from Zevran or Alarith\'s Store.
Bard Learn from Leliana or Alimar.
Duelist Learn from Isabela.
Ranger Learn from Bodann\'s Wares.

Berserker Learn from Oghren or Gorim.
Champion Learn from Arl Eamon.
Reaver Learn from Kolgrim.
Templar Learn from Alistair or Bodahn\'s Wares.