Dragon's Lair Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3


1983 Mode (20 points) Completed the game with the move guide turned off.
Bumbling Knight (10 points) Never made a correct move in a new game. (Controller Mode)
Choked Out (20 points) Died via asphyxiation in the bedroom scene.
Date with Daphne (30 points) Played Dragon’s Lair on its anniversary - June 19
Eat Me (20 points) Lost your last life in the Drink Me scene... and watched carefully.
Flawless (10 points) Completed the game with five lives.
Giddy Gone (10 points) Used the shortcut move in the Giddy Goons Room.
Going Down (10 points) Got off on the 9th floor of the falling platform.
Lair King (20 points) Got a high score of 427,469. (Controller Mode).
One More Quarter (10 points) Played with the Arcade monitor on.
Quest Complete (30 points) Completed the game in Hard mode.
Save Me! (10 points) Completed the game with a controller

Rating 0

Avatar Awards

Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding codes:

Dirk the Daring's helmet Complete the game.
Dragon's Lair Castle T-shirt Unlock the secret achievement.
Dragon's Lair Logo T-shirt Free with your purchase of Dragon's Lair.

Rating 0

Watch Mode

Complete the game in Arcade or Home mode to unlock Watch Mode in the Extras menu and view the cutscenes.