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Duke Nukem 3D Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)

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Piece of Cake (25 points) - Beat "L.A. Meltdown".
Let's Rock (25 points) - Beat "Lunar Apocalypse".
Come Get Some (25 points) - Beat "Shrapnel City".
Game Over (25 points) - Beat "The Birth".
Duke's Mighty Foot (10 points) - Step on 40 enemies after using the Shrinker.
Looks Like Cleanup on Aisle 4 (10 points) - Step in a pile of excrement.
Shake It Baby (10 points) - Tip a stripper.
Oomph, Uugh, Where is it? (10 points) - Find 70 secret areas.
Alien Maggots are Gonna Pay (10 points) - Finish the "Hollywood Holocaust" level in less than 3 minutes.
Gonna Rip Em' a New One (10 points) - Get 100 kills in ranked Dukematch games online.
See You in Hell (15 points) - Get 250 kills in ranked Dukematch games online.
Hail to the King, Baby (25 points) - Earn respect and get 500 kills in ranked Dukematch games online.

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