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Duke Nukem Forever Cheats "Completion bonuses" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Completion bonuses

Complete the game under Normal difficulty or higher to unlock the following cheat options at the "Extras" menu:

  • Concept Arts
  • Development Timeline
  • Duke 3D Freeze Ray (freeze ray fires bouncing ice projectiles)
  • Duke Sound Board
  • Game Speed (adjust game speed)
  • Grayscale Mode (black and white graphics)
  • Head Scale (adjust head size of enemies and NPCs) - Easy difficulty or higher.
  • Infinite Ammo (cheat; self-explanatory)
  • Instagib (cheat; enemies killed with one shot and always gib)
  • Invincibility (cheat; no damage from bullets or explosions)
  • Mirror Mode (graphics are mirrored horizontally)
  • Movies
  • Screenshots
  • Triptych Office Photos

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