Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 1

Avatar Awards

Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Jetpack Complete the game.
T-shirt Save the babe found in level 1.

Rating 1

Secret boss "Wozma"

Go to Episode 8 Part 3. At Mech-Nukem's left arm (the incomplete one), press [Up] close to the path in front of it. You will enter a secret area containing Wozma, the secret Boss. During this time you will have infinite ammunition.

Rating 0

Super kill

Complete the game on all difficulty settings to obtain the "Thunder gun", which can kill everything in sight. When entering a loading screen or room, quickly tap FIRE. The gun will fire in all directions. You will get a large health boost and all enemies will be killed.

Rating 0


Confucius Say…Die (20 points) Finish "Chinatown Chiller".
Deworming the Big Apple (20 points) Finish "Rooftop Rebellion".
Glow Like Dr. Manhattan (10 points) Collect 120 Nuke symbols.
Going Down Faster Than Enron (20 points) Finish "Deviant Drilling".
I Love the Smell of Sewer Scum (20 points) Finish "Unholy Underworld".
Max Pain on the A-Train (20 points) Finish "Metro Mayhem".
My Boots Are Made For Stompin' (10 points) Stomp on 20 enemies.
New York Minute (10 points) Finish the first level in under 3 minutes.
Pig Out (10 points) Kill 75 enemies.
Space, the Final Frontier (20 points) Finish "Orbital Oblivion".
This Ain't the Love Boat (20 points) Finish "Tanker Trouble".
Worker Safety, Last (20 points) Finish "Fearsome Factory".