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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Cheats "Unlockable Collection Missions" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Unlockable Collection Missions

Collection missions are unlocked after meeting certain requirements.Unlock the following missions by performing the corresponding tasks:
Attacks from All Directions Play 10 missions in Nu Gundam, Qubeley series, Turn X, Strike Freedom, Reborns Gundam, Sazabi, or Zeong.
Baptism Before God Shoot down 1000 in The O, Gundam Mk II (Titans) or Hambrabi.
Big Green Battle Play 10 missions in a green mobile suit.
Black Shock Play 10 missions in a black mobile suit.
Blue Shock Play 10 missions in a blue mobile suit.
Crimson Shock Play 10 missions in a red mobile suit.
Deformed Mobile Suits Play 10 missions in Zeta Gundam, Wing Gundam, Epyon, Hambrabi, Bound Doc, Gaza C, or Gaza D.
Feet? What Are They Good For? Play 10 missions in Ball or Zeong.
Fight! King Of Hearts! Shoot down 1000 in Burning Gundam or Master Gundam.
For The Dialogue That Should Come Shoot down 1000 in 00 or Reborns Gundam.
Freedom, Justice, and Fate Shoot down 1000 in Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, or Destiny.
Heroes Of The One Year War Shoot down 1000 in Ball or GM.
Marine Mayhem Play 10 missions in Z'gok series, Acguy, or Kapool.
Mother Space Shoot down 1000 in Qubeley or Qubeley Mk II.
Pedigree of the White Devil (1) Shoot down 1000 in Nu Gundam.
The Moon Will Always Be There Shoot down 1000 in Double X, Turn A, or Turn X.
The Sword Which Disrupts the Age Shoot down 1000 in Epyon or Tallgeese II.
White Shock Play 10 missions in a white mobile suit.
Wings That Fly Toward The Future Shoot down 1000 in Wing Gundam, Deathscythe, or Heavyarms.
Yellow Shock Play 10 missions in a yellow mobile suit, clear all other color based missions.

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