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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Cheats "Unlockable Collection Missions" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Unlockable Collection Missions

Collection missions are unlocked after meeting certain requirements.Unlock the following missions by performing the corresponding tasks:

Attacks from All Directions - Play 10 missions in Nu Gundam, Qubeley series, Turn X, Strike Freedom, Reborns Gundam, Sazabi, or Zeong.
Baptism Before God - Shoot down 1000 in The O, Gundam Mk II (Titans) or Hambrabi.
Big Green Battle - Play 10 missions in a green mobile suit.
Black Shock - Play 10 missions in a black mobile suit.
Blue Shock - Play 10 missions in a blue mobile suit.
Crimson Shock - Play 10 missions in a red mobile suit.
Deformed Mobile Suits - Play 10 missions in Zeta Gundam, Wing Gundam, Epyon, Hambrabi, Bound Doc, Gaza C, or Gaza D.
Feet? What Are They Good For? - Play 10 missions in Ball or Zeong.
Fight! King Of Hearts! - Shoot down 1000 in Burning Gundam or Master Gundam.
For The Dialogue That Should Come - Shoot down 1000 in 00 or Reborns Gundam.
Freedom, Justice, and Fate - Shoot down 1000 in Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, or Destiny.
Heroes Of The One Year War - Shoot down 1000 in Ball or GM.
Marine Mayhem - Play 10 missions in Z'gok series, Acguy, or Kapool.
Mother Space - Shoot down 1000 in Qubeley or Qubeley Mk II.
Pedigree of the White Devil (1) - Shoot down 1000 in Nu Gundam.
The Moon Will Always Be There - Shoot down 1000 in Double X, Turn A, or Turn X.
The Sword Which Disrupts the Age - Shoot down 1000 in Epyon or Tallgeese II.
White Shock - Play 10 missions in a white mobile suit.
Wings That Fly Toward The Future - Shoot down 1000 in Wing Gundam, Deathscythe, or Heavyarms.
Yellow Shock - Play 10 missions in a yellow mobile suit, clear all other color based missions.

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