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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Cheats "Unlockable Pilots" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Unlockable Pilots

Unlock the following pilots by performing the corresponding tasks:

Amuro Ray pilot - Complete amuro ray's official mode.
Kamille Bidan pilot - Complete kamille bidan's official mode.
Judau Ashita pilot - Complete judau ashita's official mode.
Char Aznable pilot - Complete char aznable's official mode.
Paptimus Scirocco pilot - Complete paptimus scirocco's official mode.
Haman Karn pilot - Complete haman karn's official mode.
Master Asia pilot - Complete domon kasshu's original mode.
Milliardo Peacecraft pilot - Complete heero yuy's original mode.
Jerid Messa pilot - Complete both kamille bidan's and heero yuy's original modes.
Emma Sheen pilot - Complete both char aznable's and rolan cehack's original modes.
Elpe Ple pilot - Complete both judau ashita's and domon kasshu's original modes.
Ple Two pilot - Complete elpe ple's original mode.
Roux Louka pilot - Complete both judau ashita's and haman karn's official mode.

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