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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Cheats "Unlockable Pilots" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Unlockable Pilots

Unlock the following pilots by performing the corresponding tasks:
Amuro Ray pilot Complete amuro ray's official mode.
Char Aznable pilot Complete char aznable's official mode.
Elpe Ple pilot Complete both judau ashita's and domon kasshu's original modes.
Emma Sheen pilot Complete both char aznable's and rolan cehack's original modes.
Haman Karn pilot Complete haman karn's official mode.
Jerid Messa pilot Complete both kamille bidan's and heero yuy's original modes.
Judau Ashita pilot Complete judau ashita's official mode.
Kamille Bidan pilot Complete kamille bidan's official mode.
Master Asia pilot Complete domon kasshu's original mode.
Milliardo Peacecraft pilot Complete heero yuy's original mode.
Paptimus Scirocco pilot Complete paptimus scirocco's official mode.
Ple Two pilot Complete elpe ple's original mode.
Roux Louka pilot Complete both judau ashita's and haman karn's official mode.

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