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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Bruma: Funny hero statue" (Xbox 360)

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Bruma: Funny hero statue

Before doing the mission where you are supposed to close the Great Gate at Bruma (the mission just after you must go to every city and ask for help), try to get a full set of Daedric armor. Then, do the mission in that armor. After you have closed the gate, go back to Bruma a few weeks later. There should be a statue of yourself resurrected as the hero of Bruma. If you are wearing the Daedric armor at the end of the mission, then there will be a huge statue of a Daedric Lord there, holding his sword high. Note: The statue will be of whatever armor you wear for the mission. For example, if you only are wearing underwear it will appear that way.

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