Elements Of Destruction Xbox 360 Cheats

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Use the Force, Edgar (5 points) - Beat the Sunny Day Farm level in single-player Normal mode.
Dumb Flying Stingray (10 points) - Defeat H.Y.D.E.E. in single-player Normal mode.
Monkee Factory (15 points) - Defeat K.R.I.S.S. in single-player Normal mode.
Cry W.U.L.F.E. (25 points) - Defeat W.U.L.F.E. in single-player Normal mode.
2 Fast, 2 Serious (15 points) - Spawn 20 'Maximum Charge' lightning bolts in a row in single-player mode.
Survivor Man (30 points) - Beat the game in Survival mode.
Gold Farmer (25 points) - Earn a Gold medal in all levels of single-player Normal mode.
Everyone Does It (10 points) - Beat all levels of Online Cooperative mode.
Terrorize This (15 points) - Place 1st in 10 Online Multiplayer Destruction matches.
Search & Destroy (20 points) - Beat any level in single-player Normal mode with $9,000,000,000 of destruction.
Cute Overload (10 points) - Create the Overload superpower in single-player Normal mode.
Hippy Intimidator (20 points) - Beat Sunny Day Farm and destroy all trees in Free-For-All mode.