Elements Of Destruction Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 1


2 Fast, 2 Serious (15 points) Spawn 20 'Maximum Charge' lightning bolts in a row in single-player mode.
Cry W.U.L.F.E. (25 points) Defeat W.U.L.F.E. in single-player Normal mode.
Cute Overload (10 points) Create the Overload superpower in single-player Normal mode.
Dumb Flying Stingray (10 points) Defeat H.Y.D.E.E. in single-player Normal mode.
Everyone Does It (10 points) Beat all levels of Online Cooperative mode.
Gold Farmer (25 points) Earn a Gold medal in all levels of single-player Normal mode.
Hippy Intimidator (20 points) Beat Sunny Day Farm and destroy all trees in Free-For-All mode.
Monkee Factory (15 points) Defeat K.R.I.S.S. in single-player Normal mode.
Search & Destroy (20 points) Beat any level in single-player Normal mode with $9,000,000,000 of destruction.
Survivor Man (30 points) Beat the game in Survival mode.
Terrorize This (15 points) Place 1st in 10 Online Multiplayer Destruction matches.
Use the Force, Edgar (5 points) Beat the Sunny Day Farm level in single-player Normal mode.