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Expendables 2, The Xbox 360 Cheats

Game also available for:   PS3

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4'S COMPANY (20 points) Play through an entire chapter with 4 player co-op.
BALKAN PARTY (20 points) Complete chapter 1.
BLANKET PARTY (10 points) Perform all grab moves, melee attacks and signature kills.
BURMA BREAKOUT (20 points) Complete chapter 4.
CHALLENGE JUNKIE (25 points) Complete all Challenges.
DESERT STORM (20 points) Complete chapter 2.
FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE (10 points) Heal 50 times.
GUN SAFARI (30 points) Use each weapon in the game to kill an enemy.
HANDS-ON (30 points) Kill 2000 enemies using melee attack or grabs.
KILLING MACHINE (20 points) Kill 50 enemies in a single combo.
KNOCK, KNOCK (10 points) Blow the factory gates!.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (20 points) Complete the Campaign on Casual difficulty.
PEAK PERFORMANCE (10 points) Upgrade 1 character completely.
PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER (10 points) Perform all 4 fully upgraded grab moves.
RAINING DOWN FIRE (10 points) Take out the weapons train.
THE EXTRA MILE (40 points) Complete the Campaign on Hardcore difficulty.
TIME IS MONEY (10 points) Complete a challenge.
TOP CLASS CREW (35 points) Upgrade all characters and signature weapons.
UNDER DURESS (10 points) Interrogate the sniper.
UNTOUCHABLE (20 points) Complete a mission on Hardcore without getting healed.
URBAN PACIFICATION (20 points) Complete chapter 3.

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