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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Cheats "Reflex Injector locations" (Xbox 360)

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Reflex Injector locations

Find the Reflex Injector in the following locations in each mission:

Mission 2: Awakening
After the elevator cutscene, enter the small room to find a keycard on a dead person. Use the keycard to open the double doors to find the Reflex Injector.

Mission 3: Discovery
After crawling through a vent you will see someone executed by a flamethrower soldier. The Reflex Injector is on the floor of this room.

Mission 4: Withdrawal
After Intel piece 26, go downstairs and to the left. The Reflex Injector is on the counter and can be seen when you reach the elevator.

Mission 5: Replica
Turn off the valve to a flaming pipe which is blocking the room with the Reflex Injector. It is on the shelf in this room.

Mission 6: Ruin
During the battle around the plane, go upstairs and to the back of the building. The Reflex Injector and Intel on top of a box.

Mission 7: Top
After exiting the power armor, go left and then upstairs. It is in the room on a table.

Mission 8: Elementary
In the hallway with yellow lockers and where the ghosts appear, go inside the room on the right after the trophy case. It is hidden under a projector.

Mission 9: Nurse's Office
After the two soldiers get lit on fire, find it inside the bathroom on the right of the hallway.

Mission 10: Snake Fist
After stopping the lockdown, climb down the ladder where the mechanical arm is moving to find it.

Mission 11 - "Keegan"
After walking upstairs go right and back downstairs to find it.

Mission 12 - "Epicenter"
Before entering the theatre, enter the room where the laser name breaks down the doors to find it on a counter.

Mission 13 - "Approach"
In a little nook in the same room as Intel 70. Go up the platform and straight off it, turn right, go down the ladder, and up the other one.

Mission 14 - "Climax"
Right after you exit the tunnel after seeing the tree.

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