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Fallout 3 Cheats "Bobblehead locations" (Xbox 360)

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Bobblehead locations

Collect hidden Bobbleheads in the corresponding locations to add +10 skill or +1 stat:
Agility Greener pastures disposal, in the office
Charisma Vault 108, in the cloning lab
Endurance Deathclaw sanctuary entrance
Intelligence Rivet city, on table in the science lab
Luck Arlington cemetery north, in the basement below the stairs in the arlington house
Perception Republic of dave, on a bookshelf in the museum of dave
Strength Megaton, in lucas simms house

Barter: Evergreen mills market bazaar
Big Guns: Fort constantine CO quarters
Energy Weapons Ravenhold
Explosives: WKML broadcast station sealed cistern
Lockpick: Bethesda Bethesda offices east
Medicine: Vault 101 Dad's desk
Melee Weapons: Dunwich building virulent underchambers
Repair: Aerefu Evan kings house
Science: Vault 106 Living quarters
Small Guns: National guard depot National guard armory
Sneak: Yao guai tunnels Yao guai den
Speech: Paradise falls Euology's pad
Unarmed: Rockopolis Head directly west from casey smith's garage, look for tattered banners strung up

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