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Fallout 3 Cheats "Indestructible weapons and mass ammunition in "Anchorage":" (Xbox 360)

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Indestructible weapons and mass ammunition in "Anchorage":

Use the "Extra weapons" glitch to obtain all the weapons from the simulation. You can acquire as much ammo as desired for every weapon they give you, except the missile launcher, grenades, mines and Gauss rifle. Before you start the simulation, find the corpse of "Gary" in the building. Pick him up and place him on the chair where you sit to do the simulation. Do not sit him down but just place him. Talk to the woman who starts the simulation and start Operation Anchorage. You will sit "through" the corpse of Gary. Do mission 1and get to the military base. Get briefed and have your weapon forms filled out, then select your favorite set. Go out and talk to the man who gives you your weapons. Try the speech and you can get your Gauss rifle from the first mission of Anchorage. As soon as you get the desired weapons, and optionally the Gauss rifle, ask to change your gear. Note: You can only do this once; make sure it is what you want. You can choose heavy weapons and close combat gear for more items. Before you requisition what you just filled out, drop all the weapons and ammo you have in front of the weapons person, then ask him for your gear change and he will take all the weapons you had. If done correctly, all the weapons he will take will be on the floor and he will not be able to take them from your inventory. He will give you the new set. Collect the rest of your weapons on the ground and go inside the tent behind the person with the weapons. Pick up all the ammunition. Note: You can get extra grenades, mines, missiles, and Micro Fusion cells if you do not use them in this part of Operation Anchorage. Drop all your ammunition and activate the dispenser (big metal box). You will have full ammo. Drop it again and reactivate the dispenser. Note: Collect your old ammunition after awhile to make larger amounts for your ammo boxes to be easier to pick up without having to look for them all over the floor. You can do this as many times as desired, however, remember to do this before you leave for the last objective of the mission. Note: At the end of Operation Anchorage's last objective, you will wake up in the chair and not the base. The last Boss (final objective) is very hard to kill. You can try to talk him into suicide, but your Speech must be high. Alternately, save the game before you enter the compound and try as many times as you want. Once he is dead, General Chase will approach you. After he is done talking, quickly press X repeatedly. The simulation will end and a character inventory box will appear for Gary (the corpse placed on the chair). Put all the gear you have with you on Gary, then exit the simulation and search Gary for all your items. All the items from Operation Anchorage should be on Gary. The Winterized Combat Armor is indestructible, and so are the guns and knives.

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