Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 1

Filling the cosmic energy bar

At any time, do a taunt. The taunt may seem to do nothing, but it is actually filling a small part of your cosmic energy bar. The amount filled by each taunt varies. Note: It is recommended that this is done when there are no enemies around.

Rating 1

Unlockable Token Bonuses

Unlock the following bonuses by obtaining the corresponding amount of tokens:

Comic Covers I 4 tokens
Comic Covers II Get 4 tokens
Concept Art 4 tokens
Fantastic Four (1990's) 12 tokens
Fantastic Four (21st Century) 12 tokens
Ultimate Costumes 12 tokens

Rating 1

Easy character upgrade achievements

Replay a level several times. Gain enough points so that you can fully upgrade a character. Continue your single-player game. Immediately distribute the points until a character is maxed. Quit the campaign game, then repeat the process with another character to gain 320 achievement points.

Rating 1


Arctic Explorer (20 points) Beat Military Base Level.
Cold War Relic (20 points) Beat Red Ghost Level.
Doomed (30 points) Defeat Dr. Doom.
Elemental Master (20 points) Defeat Terrax.
Hero (160 points) Beat the game in Regular mode.
Human Torch (110 points) Upgrade all of the Human Torch's Powers.
Invisible Woman (110 points) Upgrade all of the Invisible Woman's Powers.
Mr. Fantastic (110 points) Upgrade all of Mr. Fantastic's Powers.
Rock Crusher (20 points) Beat Himalayas Level.
Shanghai Surprise (20 points) Beat Shanghai Level.
Skrull Slayer (20 points) Beat Skrull Lair Level.
Skrull's Demise (20 points) Defeat Super Skrull.
Superhero (200 points) Beat the game in Fantastic mode.
Thing (110 points) Upgrade all of The Thing's Powers.
Wedding Crasher (20 points) Beat New York Level.

Rating 1

Completion bonuses

To unlock Hard difficulty and Skrull Arena complete the game on Normal difficulty.