Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 1

Filling the cosmic energy bar

At any time, do a taunt. The taunt may seem to do nothing, but it is actually filling a small part of your cosmic energy bar. The amount filled by each taunt varies. Note: It is recommended that this is done when there are no enemies around.

Rating 1

Unlockable Token Bonuses

Unlock the following bonuses by obtaining the corresponding amount of tokens:

Comic Covers I - 4 tokens
Comic Covers II - Get 4 tokens
Concept Art - 4 tokens
Fantastic Four (1990's) - 12 tokens
Fantastic Four (21st Century) - 12 tokens
Ultimate Costumes - 12 tokens

Rating 1

Easy character upgrade achievements

Replay a level several times. Gain enough points so that you can fully upgrade a character. Continue your single-player game. Immediately distribute the points until a character is maxed. Quit the campaign game, then repeat the process with another character to gain 320 achievement points.

Rating 0


Mr. Fantastic (110 points) - Upgrade all of Mr. Fantastic's Powers.
Invisible Woman (110 points) - Upgrade all of the Invisible Woman's Powers.
Human Torch (110 points) - Upgrade all of the Human Torch's Powers.
Thing (110 points) - Upgrade all of The Thing's Powers.
Hero (160 points) - Beat the game in Regular mode.
Superhero (200 points) - Beat the game in Fantastic mode.
Doomed (30 points) - Defeat Dr. Doom.
Skrull's Demise (20 points) - Defeat Super Skrull.
Elemental Master (20 points) - Defeat Terrax.
Skrull Slayer (20 points) - Beat Skrull Lair Level.
Cold War Relic (20 points) - Beat Red Ghost Level.
Wedding Crasher (20 points) - Beat New York Level.
Rock Crusher (20 points) - Beat Himalayas Level.
Arctic Explorer (20 points) - Beat Military Base Level.
Shanghai Surprise (20 points) - Beat Shanghai Level.

Rating 0

Completion bonuses

To unlock Hard difficulty and Skrull Arena complete the game on Normal difficulty.