Far Cry 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 3

Easy outpost liberation

To liberate an outpost without being detected, when you find an outpost that has a caged animal (for example, a bear or tiger), find a decent hiding location inside the outpost that has a good view of the cage but far from it. Choose any weapon with a sound suppressor and shoot at the cage. Make sure no guards are close to you when you shoot. At some point the door to the cage will break and the animal inside will be freed. All the guards and guard dogs will turn their attention to that animal. The freed animal will proceed to "liberate" the outpost for you. Simply remain hidden until it is over. Doing this twice will allow you to to unlock the Ninja Step skill, which makes you very silent. It is recommended to scan the entire area with your camera beforehand so you can see the progress of the animal when you free it. It also makes for a great show.

Rating 3

The Social Club level easter egg

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Rating 3

Assassin's Creed easter egg

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Rating 2

Crocodile locations

Crocodiles usually hiding in the groups of lotus flowers in the rivers and waterways. They don't move unless you get too close. Note: Use the Recurve Bow to kill them in one shot.

Rating 2

Unlockable Signature Weapons

Unlock the following weapons for purchase by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: They cannot be customized:

AMR (sniper rifle) Find 20 relics.
Bull (shotgun) Find 10 relics.
Bushman (assault rifle) Activate all radio towers.
Japanese Tanto (replaces melee weapon) Find six Letters of the Lost.
Ripper (light machine gun) Survive six Trials of the Rakyat.
Shadow (pistol) Take over 17 encampments.
Shredder (sub-machine gun) Collect ten memory cards.

Rating 2

Hidden video sequences

Whenever you travel to the grotto underneath the mansion, take one of the "eat me" berries to see hidden video scenes.

Rating 1

Special Coordinates

Find the following features by traveling to the corresponding locations:

"Hi To The Internet" achievement or trophy X:620 Y:557 (interact with buried head; it resembles the front box artwork)
Boat color cycle X:641.5, Y:408.2 (travel here by boat; also does it on the ocean bottom)
Dead body cave X:630.2, Y:685.0
Easy "Fearless Or Stupid" achievement or trophy dive X:752.7, Y:656.1
Flying Fish X:756.3, Y:634.3 (travel here by boat)
Inside the rocks X:721.2, Y:747.0 (travel here by jet ski from town and ride into the crevice at this location)
Moray eels X:814.7, Y:612.0 (search near the bottom; they will wrap around you)
Ocean dry patch X:302.8, Y:285.6 (travel here by boat, fall to the ocean bottom and walk around; try pushing the boat)
Rock slides X:702.2, Y:783.4 and X:465.6, Y:665.8 (jump in the rock crevices at these locations and slide upwards)
Table goat X:360.4, Y:740.7
Underwater toilet and sick soldier X:807, Y:637
Vultures X:377, Y:793
Waterfall glitch X:678.1, Y:635.7 (behind the waterfall, jump through the back wall; Cargo Dump mission location)
X-ray glitch X:761.7, Y:752.1 (in the Badtown store, jump on the counter and on the lantern and jump across to the shelf; stand up and look around for a weird view)

Rating 1

General Strategies

Finding objectives

  • While on the highest mountains, take out your camera and zoom in. Look around the land and you will see many bright lights. These are your objectives lighting up.

Super bounces
  • To do super bounces, land on power lines while using the wingsuit .

Gory crabs
  • For a gory mess, shoot the crabs on land.

Flexible trees
  • Certain trees are flexible if you shoot them.

Rating 0


Aftermarket Junkie (20 points) Buy all attachments and paint jobs for one weapon.
Archeology 101 (20 points) Gather a total of 60 relics.
Artsy Craftsy (10 points) Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment.
Bagged and Tagged (10 points) Complete a Path of the Hunter quest.
Dead Letters (20 points) Gather all "Letters of the Lost".
Deep Cover (20 points) Complete Riley's interrogation.
Fearless or Stupid (15 points) Dive more than 60m (Single Player only).
First Blood (10 points) Escape the pirates and survive in the wilderness.
Free Fall (5 points) Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only).
Full Bars (20 points) Activate 9 radio towers.
Fully Inked (30 points) Earn every tattoo by learning all the skills.
Getting Even (20 points) Complete "Payback" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Hands Off My Stoner (20 points) Rescue Oliver from the pirates.
Have I Told You? (50 points) Survive the encounter with Vaas and escape.
Heartless Pyro (10 points) Kill 50 enemies with the flamethrower (Single Player only).
Here We Come (20 points) Complete "Ready or Not" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Hide and Seek (20 points) Complete "Lights Out" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Higher Than a Kite (20 points) Use your wingsuit to reach the Southern island.
Hunter Hunted (10 points) Lure and kill a predator.
Improper Use (5 points) Kill an enemy with the Repair Tool (Single Player only).
In Cold Blood (10 points) Complete a WANTED Dead quest.
Inked Up (5 points) Earn 5 skill tattoos.
Island Liberator (40 points) Liberate all outposts.
Island Paparazzi (15 points) Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Single Player only).
Jungle Journal (20 points) Unlock 50 entries in the Survivor Guide.
Late Night Pick-up (20 points) Complete "Rush Hour" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Let the Trials Begin (10 points) Beat any Trial of the Rakyat score.
Love the Boom (10 points) Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with one explosion (Single Player only).
Magic Mushroom (20 points) Return to the doctor with the cave mushrooms.
Memory to Spare (20 points) Gather all the memory cards.
Money to Burn (15 points) Spend $5000 at the shop.
Needle Exchange (15 points) Craft 25 syringes.
Never Saw it Coming (20 points) Kill an enemy with a takedown from above from a glider, zipline or parachute (Single Player only).
One of Us (20 points) Complete the Rakyat initiation.
Poacher (20 points) Hunt and skin a rare animal.
Poker Bully (20 points) Win $1500 playing poker.
Poker Night (50 points) Kill Hoyt.
Rebel With a Cause (10 points) Liberate 3 outposts.
Retake Wallstreet (20 points) Rescue Keith from Buck.
Return to Sender (20 points) Complete "Sidetracked" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Road Trip (10 points) Complete a Supply Drop quest.
Rock Always Wins (10 points) Fully distract 25 enemies with rocks (Single Player only).
Rocking the Boat (20 points) Complete "Overboard" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Say Hi to the Internet (10 points) Find the lost Hollywood star.
Taken for Granted (50 points) Kill Vaas.
The Good Stuff (15 points) Craft a special syringe.
Toxophilite (10 points) Kill a target from 70m or more with the bow (Single Player only).
Unheard (20 points) Liberate an outpost without triggering an alarm.
What a Trip (100 points) Attend the final ceremony.
Worst Date Ever (20 points) Rescue Liza from the burning building.

Rating 0

Rare Animal Locations

Find the following animals by searching the corresponding locations:

One Horn Buffalo Camp Murder outpost, Path of the Hunter.
Undying Bear Cradle Gas outpost, Path of the Hunter.
Black Panther Outpost southeast of the mansion, Path of the Hunter.
Golden Tiger Mosquito Yard outpost, Path of the Hunter.
White Belly Tapir Rust Yard outpost, Path of the Hunter.
Blood Komodo Cliffside Overlook outpost, Path of the Hunter.
Yellow Neck Cassowary AM-12 outpost, Path of the Hunter.
Maneater Shark Kell's Boat Repairs, Path of the hunter.