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Far Cry 3 Cheats "Special Coordinates" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Special Coordinates

Find the following features by traveling to the corresponding locations:
"Hi To The Internet" achievement or trophy X:620 Y:557 (interact with buried head; it resembles the front box artwork)
Boat color cycle X:641.5, Y:408.2 (travel here by boat; also does it on the ocean bottom)
Dead body cave X:630.2, Y:685.0
Easy "Fearless Or Stupid" achievement or trophy dive X:752.7, Y:656.1
Flying Fish X:756.3, Y:634.3 (travel here by boat)
Inside the rocks X:721.2, Y:747.0 (travel here by jet ski from town and ride into the crevice at this location)
Moray eels X:814.7, Y:612.0 (search near the bottom; they will wrap around you)
Ocean dry patch X:302.8, Y:285.6 (travel here by boat, fall to the ocean bottom and walk around; try pushing the boat)
Rock slides X:702.2, Y:783.4 and X:465.6, Y:665.8 (jump in the rock crevices at these locations and slide upwards)
Table goat X:360.4, Y:740.7
Underwater toilet and sick soldier X:807, Y:637
Vultures X:377, Y:793
Waterfall glitch X:678.1, Y:635.7 (behind the waterfall, jump through the back wall; Cargo Dump mission location)
X-ray glitch X:761.7, Y:752.1 (in the Badtown store, jump on the counter and on the lantern and jump across to the shelf; stand up and look around for a weird view)

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