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FIFA 08 Cheats "Easy goals hints" (Xbox 360)

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Easy goals hints

  • Beating the wall is a pretty difficult job, but the best player for this is Ronaldinho. While hitting, fill the power to about 75% to 80%. As soon as the player starts moving, press Up/Left or Up/Right toward the side where the goalkeeper is not standing. The ball should land in the net. Note: This will require some practice.

  • First, take the ball on the left or right side of your opponent team's net and move diagonally towards the goal while keeping pressed. When the goalkeeper comes to capture the ball, press . The ball will usually go into the net.

  • Always use a left footed player for a left corner or a right footed player for right corner. Turn almost to the right for a left corner or almost to the left for a right corner. Your pointer will aim at the near post. Press and have slightly less power than full. Continue to press and the ball will hit the crossbar. Your player will head the ball into the net. No goal keeper can stop him. If you stay in this corner you will almost always score a goal from a corner kick.

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