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Final Fantasy XIII Cheats "Super Weapon Exploit" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Super Weapon Exploit

  • Every character has one super weapon that can be obtained by fully upgrading one of his/her stock weapons.

  • Every player has seven stock weapons but the final result after maximum upgrades yields the same super weapon.

  • Upgrading is done through the shop at save points. There are two parts to upgrading:

(1) Spamming items which give a low amount of EXP to increase multipliers, and (2) Using items which give a lot of EXP, and that now give even more EXP due to your multiplier, to upgrade your weapon substantially.

  • An effective way to build the multiplier is to go to the Creature Comforts store and buy Vibrant Ooze. Apply 36 of those to your weapon and you will have a 3x multiplier. Then you can apply Perfect Conductor for 2577 EXP.

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