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First Templar, The Xbox 360 Cheats

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A Friend Indeed (30 points) Finished all levels in the campaign in multiplayer online mode. 
A Friend in Need (15 points) Played in an online multiplayer game with one of your Xbox LIVE friends. 
A Lady with an Attitude (10 points) Rescued Marie d'Ibelin. 
An Honourable Enemy (15 points) Defeated Muzafar. 
Arsenal (30 points) Found all collectible weapons in the game. 
Beast-Slayer (10 points) Defeated the Beast. 
Bull Rush (20 points) Hit 4 enemies at the same time with your Charge Attack. 
Charge! (15 points) Acquired all Charge skills for Celian. 
Chronicles of the Temple (50 points) Found all Templar Chronicles. 
Daggermistress (15 points) Acquired all Dagger throw skills for Marie. 
Dedicated (40 points) Completed all Bonus Objectives on all levels. 
Destructive (15 points) Smashed 5 enemy shields. 
Down, boy! (15 points) Saved your partner from a dog attack. 
Executor (30 points) Finished 30 fallen enemies. 
Expert Tracker (15 points) Successfully tracked 20 trails to their end. 
Fight back (25 points) Successfully performed 10 countermoves. 
Friday the 13th (15 points) Survived the events of Friday the 13th. 
Healing hands (20 points) Healed your partner. 
Juggernaut (15 points) Advanced a character to 5 Health Orbs. 
Just a Flesh wound (25 points) Finished a whole level without both characters dropping below 1 Health Orb. 
Long Ranged (20 points) Killed 20 enemies with a ranged attack.
Look out below! (20 points) Killed an enemy by knocking him from a ledge. 
Miracle Worker (20 points) Used the "Revive" action to help your teammate. 
No Stone Unturned (10 points) Destroyed a breakable wall. 
No escape (25 points) A fleeing enemy was killed with a siege weapon by you or your partner. 
Not a Scratch (20 points) Killed 5 enemies in less than a minute without taking damage. 
Observant (20 points) Discovered with a clue. 
Pyromaniac (10 points) Set 50 objects on fire. 
Saviour of Acre (10 points) Survived the siege of Acre. 
Siege Operator (30 points) Killed all opposing squads with a siege weapon. 
Silent and deadly (20 points) Performed 50 stealth kills. 
Strength of Two (20 points) Finished a level in an online multiplayer game. 
Team Tactics (20 points) Killed an enemy grabbed by the other character. 
Templar Grand Master (50 points) Completed all levels on Hard difficulty. 
Templar Knight (20 points) Completed all levels on Casual or higher difficulty. 
Templar Master (30 points) Completed all levels on Normal or higher difficulty. 
The Cup of Christ (15 points) Found the Grail. 
The Duelist (30 points) Won a duel . 
The Hero of Cyprus (10 points) Rescued the messenger of King Philip. 
The Lost Temple (15 points) Explored the Temple of the Nine. 
Thorough (20 points) Completed all Bonus Objectives in a single level. 
Treasure-hunter (20 points) Discovered all chests in a single level. 
Vigor (20 points) Advance a character to 5 Zeal Orbs. 
Wardrobe (30 points) Found all collectible outfits in the game. 
Watch Your Step (10 points) Disarmed a bear trap. 
Well Traveled (20 points) Completed 5 levels in online multiplayer with different partners. 
What Was That? (20 points) Stealth killed a noise distracted enemy. 
Whirlwind Strike (20 points) Hit 4 enemies at the same time with your All-around Attack.. 

Byzantine Ways (20 points) Completed the Arena.
Crowd Favorite (40 points) Completed all Bonus Objectives in the Arena.
Dance of Blades (10 points) Killed 15 opponents in the Arena using Cyclone Strike..
Elite Gladiator (50 points) Completed the second round in the Arena without taking damage.
Gladiator (30 points) Completed the first round in the Arena without taking damage.
Master Gladiator (100 points) Completed the third round in the Arena without taking damage.

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