Galaga Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4


Blue Spaceship (30 points) Find the Blue Spaceship.
Dragonfly (10 points) Find the Dragonfly.
Dual Fighter (5 points) Form the double ship.
Enemy Fighter (5 points) Shoot down a red captured Fighter.
Galboss (30 points) Find the Galboss.
Mosquito (20 points) Find the Mosquito.
Perfect Bonus (15 points) Shoot down all enemies in a Challenging Stage.
Scorpion (15 points) Find the Scorpion.
Stage 10 (5 points) Reach Stage 10.
Stage 20 (10 points) Reach Stage 20.
Stage 30 (30 points) Reach Stage 30.
Stingray (25 points) Find the Stingray.

Rating 0

No enemy lasers

Destroy every ship except for the two in the lower left corner of the formation. Keep out of the way as the two remaining ships dive and fire. Keep this up for about fifteen minutes, until they dive but no longer shoot their lasers. Allow them to continue diving for several cycles, then destroy them. Once done, all enemies for the remainder of the game will not shoot at you.