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80s Skilled (20 points) Win 6 Medals.
Arcade Hustler (20 points) Win 12 Medals.
Arcade Junkie (20 points) Spend 4 hours total playing games in your arcade.
Arcade Shark (20 points) Win 24 Medals.
Can't Touch This! (20 points) Win 27 Medals.
Challenge Chief (5 points) Win 10 Challenges.
Challenge Master (20 points) Win 20 Challenges.
Check My Skillz (20 points) Win 33 Medals.
Double Trouble (20 points) Win 2 Medals of each type (2x Point Buster, 2x Survivalist, 2x Time Spender).
Fancy Arcade (20 points) Theme an entire arcade with unique Themes.
Fly Skillz (20 points) Win 42 Medals.
Game Beater (20 points) Win 9 Medals.
Go to Sleep (20 points) Spend 16 hours total playing games in your arcade.
I Like Shiny Things (35 points) Win 48 Medals.
Level 11! (20 points) Reach Level 11.
Level 14! (20 points) Reach Level 14.
Level 17! (20 points) Reach Level 17.
Level 20! (50 points) Reach Level 20.
Level 5! (20 points) Reach Level 5.
Level 8! (20 points) Reach Level 8.
Level Up! (20 points) Reach Level 2.
Machine not Man (20 points) Spend 24 hours total playing games in your arcade.
Matchstick Eyes (20 points) Spend 36 hours total playing games in your arcade.
Medal Collector (20 points) Win 3 Medals.
Medal Enthusiast (20 points) Win 21 Medals.
Medal Mad (50 points) Win 20 Medals of each type.
Medal Masher (20 points) Win 45 Medals.
Medal Smasher (20 points) Win 10 Medals of each type.
Medal Variety (5 points) Win a Medal of each Type (Point Buster, Survivalist, Time Spender).
Medaltastic (20 points) Win 39 Medals.
Minted (20 points) Win 36 Medals.
My Blisters have Blisters! (5 points) Play a game for 1 hour continuously.
My First Challenge (5 points) Send a Challenge.
My First Decoration (5 points) Place a Decoration in your arcade.
My First Game (5 points) Place a Game Cabinet in your arcade.
My First Mascot (5 points) Activate a Mascot in your arcade.
My First Medal (5 points) Win your first Medal.
My First Theme (5 points) Place a Theme in your arcade.
My First Win (5 points) Win a Challenge.
Point Buster (20 points) Win 5 Point Buster Medals.
Point Slammer (20 points) Win 10 Point Buster Medals.
Proptastic (20 points) Place 5 arcade Decorations in your arcade.
Retro Addict (20 points) Spend 8 hours total playing games in your arcade.
Retro Expert (20 points) Win 15 Medals.
Retro Master (20 points) Win 30 Medals.
Room Filler (20 points) Fill an entire room.
Show Me! (5 points) Visit the Showcase Arcade.
Survival of the Fittest (20 points) Win 10 Survivalist Medals.
Survivalist (20 points) Win 5 Survivalist Medals.
The New Old Schooler (20 points) Win 18 Medals.
The Player (5 points) Play a Friend's Game Cabinet.
The Visitor (5 points) Visit a Friend's arcade.
Theme Filler (20 points) Place 5 unique Themes in your arcade.
Time Crazy (20 points) Win 10 Time Spender Medals.
Time Spender (20 points) Win 5 Time Spender Medals.
Too Cool for my Score (20 points) Beat your own High Score in a game.

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Alternate cabinet styles

Press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A when inside any of the rooms (either within a menu or during game play) to toggle the Konami and Asteroids cabinet styles.

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