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Gears of War 3 Cheats "Big Golden Chicken easter egg" (Xbox 360)


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Big Golden Chicken easter egg

On "Chapter 1 - Act " you will come across four giant tubes just after raising the landing pad on top deck. After getting rid of all the enemies around the area, whatever player is playing as Marcus will need to step in front of one of the pipe openings. Stare down the opening until Marcus says "hello", then repeat the same thing for the other three tubes. After saying "hello" down all four tubes, a small, harmless chicken will pop out. If you deal some significant damage to the little chicken, the chicken will then become a huge, golden, enraged, fire-breathing chicken (a.k.a. Lambent Chicken). If you deal more significant damage to the Lambent Chicken, it will then blow up into confetti and end with a funny quote by Marcus.

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