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Gears of War 3 Cheats "Unlockable Locust Characters" (Xbox 360)


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Unlockable Locust Characters

Unlock the following Locust characters for multiplayer by performing the corresponding tasks:

Beast Rider - Reach level 5.
Flame Grenadier - Reach level 26.
Golden Hunter - Earn the Gold Master-at-Arms medal.
Golden Miner - Earn the Gold Rifleman medal.
Grenadier - Reach level 39.
Hunter - Reach level 8.
Hunter Elite - Reach level 60.
Kantus - Earn the Gold Medic medal.
Miner - Reach level 3.
Savage Grenadier Elite - Preorder code from Walmart.
Savage Kantus - Preorder code from
Savage Theron Guard - Complete Beast Mode without failing, on all difficulties.
Sniper - Earn the Bronze Headshot medal.
Spotter - Reach level 20.
Theron Guard - Reach level 12.
Thrashball Drone - Play Gears of War 3 the week before and during the Superbowl

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