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Gears of War 3 Cheats "Unlockable Locust Characters" (Xbox 360)


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Unlockable Locust Characters

Unlock the following Locust characters for multiplayer by performing the corresponding tasks:
Beast Rider Reach level 5.
Flame Grenadier Reach level 26.
Golden Hunter Earn the Gold Master-at-Arms medal.
Golden Miner Earn the Gold Rifleman medal.
Grenadier Reach level 39.
Hunter Reach level 8.
Hunter Elite Reach level 60.
Kantus Earn the Gold Medic medal.
Miner Reach level 3.
Savage Grenadier Elite Preorder code from Walmart.
Savage Kantus Preorder code from
Savage Theron Guard Complete Beast Mode without failing, on all difficulties.
Sniper Earn the Bronze Headshot medal.
Spotter Reach level 20.
Theron Guard Reach level 12.
Thrashball Drone Play Gears of War 3 the week before and during the Superbowl

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